Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministries

Young Adult and Campus Ministries – information and resources from The Episcopal Church

Young Adult Service Corps is a one-year intentional mission assignment for people who are 21-30, who want to be a part of what God is doing in the world and experience diverse cultures, make a spiritual commitment, and reflect on your vocational possibilities.

Partners and Collaborations

Episcopal Service Corps seeks to develop and support a national network of intentional communities in the Episcopal Church. Our communities are marked by young adults:

  • Serving others in solidarity, promoting justice in community
  • Deepening spiritual awareness and vocational discernment
  • Living simply in intentional Christian community

Forma is an association and dynamic community of Christian educators, formation professionals, and their institutional partners that celebrates and upholds the diverse ministries of Christian formation across the Episcopal Church.

Society of Campus Ministers is a society of Campus Ministers, lay and ordained, working with Episcopal campus ministries and ecumenical campus ministries that include Episcopalians.