Where Do You See God? (Part 2)

Easter Reflection


As a young Millennial in seminary, I have found the prejudice and obstacles facing my generation, both inside and outside the Church, daunting. Taken as a whole, my generation has been painted as a spoiled, lazy, naïve group of children who know nothing about the world and who refuse to do the hard work necessary to build a life within it. In the Church, I have found this same mindset to be prevalent. We are expected to attend services on Sundays and participate in activities designed by and for our parents and grandparents, with little to no say in the formation of those services or activities. Far too often, we have been pushed away from leadership roles and relegated to the back pews, our voices silenced. Amongst our secular peers, we are viewed as ignorant and brainwashed, hoodwinked into believing in a “mythical” God and a “fairytale” resurrection. On both ends, we are ostracized. “Heaven help the Church if a Millennial is a faith community leader!” “Can you imagine the devastation on our society if those “brainwashed” Christians enter it!”

Yet, my generation keeps pressing onwards in new and innovative ways. When we are pushed aside by the leadership, lay and ordained, we create our own communities, tackling the problems of our Church and our nation head on, rather than accept the Church and the world as it is given to us. We tap into the deep, faithful witness of generations before us, from all walks of life: Christian and non-Christian, Protestant and Catholic, white and black, male and female, straight and gay, rich and poor. Emboldened by their witness, we strive to challenge the status quo of our Church and our world today to bring about a newer, older order, one that is enveloped in Christ’s acceptance, love, grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation. We are a generation that holds hope for the future, hope that the problems of yesterday and today may be fixed, that the wounds of hatred may be healed, that the Church Universal can once again lead the world in the authentic expression of Christ’s love to ALL people, in ALL places.

You ask where I see God in my life right now. I see God in my life every day, in the faces of millions in my generation who struggle in poverty, yet give abundantly to others out of their emptiness; who face violence and prejudice based on their skin color, sex, or sexuality, yet refuse to fight violence with violence, hatred with hatred; who face skepticism from those in older generations and among our peers who believe that we have nothing to offer the Church or the world. I see God every day in the lives of millions of Millennials who stand as faithful witnesses in Christ, despite fierce skepticism from both sides. I see God, and God’s hope, in my life every day, every time I see a young person living into and out of Christ’s Easter Resurrection, who believe that life in Christ will always triumph over death!

GrantWritten by Grant Mansfield 

Postulant for the Holy Order of Priesthood, Diocese of Virginia

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