Where do you see God?

Where do you see God in your life?

During Eastertide, we will be featuring young adults answering just that question.

The first comes from a video originally on Episcopal News Service about the Rev. Shannon Preston who is one of two Episcopalians who joined the Community of St. Anselm the inaugural “year in God’s time” which is an initiative being established by the Archbishop of Canterbury “to draw young Christians aged 20-35 from all over the world together for one year of prayer, theological reflection and service in local communities.

From ENS:

Preston, 27, an Episcopal priest and graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, said there’s a constant reminder that the community members have chosen to love and to live with one another. “Living with people from around the world who are excited and exploring, who recognize that there is an endless mystery to learn from and grow into and serve, is so valuable,” said Preston, who also is assisting at St. Luke’s Church in Peckham, London.

In addition to prayer and community, service is also a key element of the Community of St. Anselm, with all members spending about a third of their time with local charities and agencies serving the disadvantaged, the marginalized and the poor throughout London.

Where do you see God in your life?

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