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Election Engagement #EpiscopaliansVote

If we who are Christians participate in the political process and in the public discourse as we are called to do — the New Testament tells us that we are to participate in the life of the polis, in the life of our society — the principle on which Christians must vote is the principle, […]

Be inspired by what is happening with South Loop Campus Ministry in Chicago

The South Loop Campus Ministry (SLCM) of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, the ELCA Campus Ministry, and the Metro Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) offers a spiritual community for the students, faculty, and staff associated with the universities and colleges of Chicago’s South Loop who are seeking an open dialogue […]

Where Do You See God? (Part 2)

Easter Reflection As a young Millennial in seminary, I have found the prejudice and obstacles facing my generation, both inside and outside the Church, daunting. Taken as a whole, my generation has been painted as a spoiled, lazy, naïve group of children who know nothing about the world and who refuse to do the hard […]

Where do you see God?

Where do you see God in your life? During Eastertide, we will be featuring young adults answering just that question. The first comes from a video originally on Episcopal News Service about the Rev. Shannon Preston who is one of two Episcopalians who joined the Community of St. Anselm the inaugural “year in God’s time” which is […]