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The Episcopal Church welcomes many different points of view, and sermons offered during an Episcopal service may vary greatly from congregation to congregation. Although there is no “typical” or one-size-fits-all sermon for Episcopal congregations, the sermons in this series are selected for their universal qualities so that they may be useful to a wide variety of small congregations without full-time priests on staff, where lay leaders often shoulder the responsibility of delivering the sermons on Sunday.

To assist these small congregations, the Episcopal Church offers Sermons That Work, new sermons each week for Sundays and major feast days throughout the liturgical year.

The idea of supplying congregations with sermons or homilies dates back to the Articles of Religion, which were established during the English Reformation in the sixteenth century. Article 35, “Of the Homilies,” lists 21 homilies that were considered “godly and wholesome” for congregational use (Book of Common Prayer, pp. 874-875).

Carrying on that tradition, the Episcopal Church has been offering Sermons That Work online since 1995. Browse its archives of over 1,000 sermons, grouped by lectionary years (A, B, C).

Sermons That Work is part of the Episcopal Digital Network and is edited by Christopher Sikkema.

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