Bulletin Insert – March 18, 2018

For Such a Time As This: Supporting Women and Girls

The Episcopal Church and the ELCA continue our united call to Pray, Fast and Act in support of good policies and programs that provide opportunities for and respect the dignity of all people.

This month, our focus is on international programs that support women and girls across the world. Although the U.S. government has historically been a leader in funding programs that address the needs of women and girls globally, there are indications that such initiatives are in danger of being significantly reduced or eliminated. Cutting essential funds and eliminating programs would hurt communities that depend on the support of our government to improve the lives of women and girls.

On March 21, join the EPPN, ELCA Advocacy, and presiding bishops of the Episcopal Church and the ELCA as we #PrayFastAct.

Pray for our nation’s elected leaders to courageously invest in programs that address the needs and basic human rights of women and girls, as well as provide opportunities for them to thrive. We also pray for the ordinary men and women who continue to work tirelessly to improve the lives of women and girls around the world.

Equal Partners

Grant, O God, that all may recognize women as equal partners in creation and prophesy. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, empower women at home, at work, in government, and in the hierarchies of churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and all other places of worship. Provide safety and protection, O Gracious Divinity, and inspire just laws against all forms of violence against women. We ask this through Christ our Savior, Amen.

— Lifting Women’s Voices – Prayers to Change the World

 Fast in solidarity with women and girls across the globe, who continue to face gender inequality and other challenges in many aspects of their lives.

Share on social media using #PrayFastAct and @TheEPPN. On the 21st, post a picture of a dinner place setting with the reason you are fasting this month.

Act Prepare for action by reading our one-pager on programs that help prevent gender-based violence, educate and empower adolescent girls, discourage child marriages, increase leadership opportunities for women, and foster women’s inclusion and economic empowerment.

Download the bulletin insert as a PDF:

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