Bulletin Insert – November 26, 2017

What Are the 2017 AdventWords?

For the fourth year in a row, AdventWord gathers prayers via the global, online advent calendar. The Anglican Communion Office and Virginia Theological Seminary, with assistance from Society of Saint John the Evangelist, is pleased to offer 23 meditations during this holy season. #AdventWord begins on Sunday, December 3. Images and meditations can be experienced via email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Join this international community in prayer as we explore the mystery of Advent!


AdventWord is a global, online Advent Calendar that invites Christians around the world to share images and their own brief reflections on each of this year’s 23 Advent Words.  We invite you to:

  • Sign up to participate from December 3 through Christmas Day
  • Use social media to share your own image for the word of the day
  • Help create a global, online Advent Calendar

How to participate

Go to http://adventword.org and sign up to receive a daily email. Each day of Advent, there will be an invitation to read a very short email reflection for that day’s assigned word, and to then share your own image or short reflection via social media using #AdventWord and a hashtag for the word of the day. Make sure there is a space between the tags, for example: #AdventWord #Celebrate.  On Facebook, go to the AdventWord page and post to the Timeline using #AdventWord and the tag of the day, making sure that your post is set to “public,” or we can’t see it! On Twitter, simply include the hashtags in your reflection or with your image.  On Instagram, post to the AdventWord feed.

  • Visit: instagram.com/adventword
  • Visit: twitter.com/AdventWord
  • Visit: facebook.com/AdventWordOrg

In Advance: 

If you want to get your images ready in advance, here’s a cheat sheet. Remember to share this with friends and family who would enjoy participating – Advent Word is an ecumenical project!  We welcome posts from all persons using images and phrases that resonate with #AdventWord and:

  • 3 December #Awaken
  • 4 December #Journey
  • 5 December #Gather
  • 6 December #Simplify
  • 7 December #Heal
  • 8 December #Mend
  • 9 December #Focus
  • 10 December #Prepare
  • 11 December #Messenger
  • 12 December #Watch
  • 13 December #Voice
  • 14 December #Wilderness
  • 15 December #Trust
  • 16 December #Among
  • 17 December #Light
  • 18 December #Dazzle
  • 19 December #Open
  • 20 December #Embrace
  • 21 December #Renew
  • 22 December #Greeting
  • 23 December #Child
  • 24 December #Believe
  • 25 December #Celebrate

During each of the days of Advent, it is hoped that everyone who participates will deepen their understanding of the coming of Jesus into the world, and will come to know that every aspect of their life is the stuff of prayer.

Download the bulletin insert as a PDF:

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