Bulletin Insert – March 12, 2017

Young Adult and Campus Ministries Grant Applications Now Being Accepted

The Episcopal Church invites applications for grants to assist with ministries with Young Adult and Campus Ministries throughout the church.

We have adapted the application process to include discernment and planning for writing your grant application. We hope it is an invitation for you and your community to consider how Young Adult and Campus Ministry in the Episcopal Church can minister with young adults on and off college campuses, including Community Colleges and Tribal College Campuses, non-traditional degree programs, in the military, and those who are not in college.

This new process is designed to help you discern where and how God is calling your community to serve young adults and whether now is the right time to apply for a grant.

Amount, Duration, and Categories of Grants

A total of $128,000 is available for this cycle, with a total of $400,000 available this triennium. These grants are for the 2017-18 academic year. Deadline for submitting grants is April 10. There are three categories of grants:

  1. Leadership Grant: to establish a new, restore a dormant, or reenergize a current campus ministry. Grant will range from $20-30,000 and can be used over a two-year period.
  2. Campus Ministry Grants: to provide seed money to assist in the start-up of new, innovative campus ministries or to enhance a current ministry. Grants will range from $3-5,000.
  3. Young Adult Ministry Grants: to provide seed money to assist in the start-up of new, innovative young adult ministries or to enhance a current ministry. Grants range from $3-5,000.

Applications must be received on or before April 10, 2017 by 10 pm Eastern time and be submitted online. Each proposal must show how the diocese, congregation, and/or campus ministry will support the ministry at the end of the grant term and be approved by the bishop of the diocese in which the ministry is to be located. Each diocese that receives a grant shall appoint someone to oversee the grant and make appropriate financial reports to The Episcopal Church and the Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministries.

Details about the application and discernment process is available here: http://bit.ly/YACMGrants2017.

If your congregation is not submitting an application, you are invited to join us in prayer for ministries across the church that will be entering this process of discernment and planning.

If you have questions, please contact The Rev. Shannon Kelly, Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministry at skelly@episcopalchurch.org or Valerie Harris, Formation Associate at vharris@episcopalchurch.org.

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  1. It is Wednesday, March 15th and I update our church website for the upcoming Sunday services. However, I cannot find the Bulletin Insert for Sunday, March 19th, The Third Sunday in Lent.
    Gene Simpson
    All Saints Episcopal Church
    Greensboro, NC

    • wjohnson says:

      Sorry about that. We forgot to add the link to the bulletin insert page. It is up now and ready for download.

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