Bulletin Insert – Epiphany 3(A)

Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations

Did you know the Episcopal Church has an Office of Government Relations (OGR)? OGR is tasked with representing the priorities of the Church to the policy community in Washington, D.C. Through engaging Congress, the Administration, and U.S. government departments and agencies, OGR works to shape and influence policy on critical issues. They also equip Episcopalians to become advocates themselves.

All of OGR’s work is grounded in the resolutions of General Convention and guided by Episcopal Church priorities of reconciliation, environmental stewardship, and evangelism. From that framework, OGR’s current priority areas are: refugees and immigration, environmental stewardship, and international development and conflict.

Refugees and Immigration: OGR advocates to protect the human rights and safety of refugees and migrants by supporting the refugee resettlement work of Episcopal Migration Ministries and addressing the drivers of migration in Central America. OGR calls for comprehensive immigration reform that creates a process by which undocumented immigrants can earn lawful permanent residency with a pathway to full citizenship. 

Environmental Stewardship: OGR advocates on issues that protect the natural resources that sustain all life on Earth. They call for policies that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and support communities impacted by climate change.

International Development and Conflict: OGR addresses food insecurity by ensuring that federal programs are efficiently administered and serve those most in need. They support legislation and policies that aim to prevent domestic and gender-based violence, that protect the human rights of LGBT persons, and that build peace in Sudan and South Sudan and in the Great Lakes region.

The primary way OGR works to equip Episcopalians to be advocates is by asking them to join the national grassroots network The Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN).

Supported by the Office of Government Relations, EPPN develops Episcopalians as effective advocates by supporting their engagement with elected and government officials, providing resources on public policy issues, and connecting the ministry of public policy advocacy to the gospel. Network members contact members of Congress and the Administration, raise awareness about priority issues, and share their own stories to inform lawmakers and government officials about the impact of particular decisions and policies.

Together, we are raising our voices to ensure that our nation’s policies are in line with our values as Episcopalians and Christians.

To join EPPN, or for more information about the Office of Government Relations, please email, eppn@episcopalchurch.org, or reach out online:

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