Bulletin Insert: Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

Welcoming Sunday

Welcoming Sunday. Homecoming Sunday. Back to Church Sunday. Welcome Home Sunday. Registration Sunday.

The names vary, but the intent is the same – events and activities slated for that one Sunday in each congregation that marks the conclusion of summer and the beginning of the new program year.

As you celebrate this day, here are some resources and ideas for the upcoming program year:

Acts 8 Movement has developed a series of videos, commentaries and resources for congregations, available here.

You’ll find a host of Evangelism and Welcoming Resources for Episcopalians at our new Evangelism Initiatives page: everything from a Hospitality Audit to Neighborhood Prayer Walking kits; quick links to parish marketing tools and community organizing tips; plus links to websites, books and articles.

Bible study resources from the Episcopal Church are great for small groups ages youth through adult.

Engage the ‘ministry of welcome’ more deeply through Episcopal Migration Ministries, the Episcopal Church’s refugee resettlement service.

Learn how the Episcopal Church is engaged in the ministry of public policy advocacy by joining the Episcopal Public Policy Network. 

Videos that teach, prompt discussion for all ages, and spread the word about the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church.

Videos and updates are available to discuss the ministry and adventures of the Episcopal Church’s Young Adult Service Corp (YASC).

The Episcopal Church publishes new resources throughout the year. Check back regularly at www.episcopalchurch.org. We welcome your ideas! Send them to us via email, publicaffairs@episcopalchurch.org, find us at Facebook.com/Episcopalian, or by using #Episcopal.

Download bulletin insert as PDF:

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Spanish bulletin inserts are available on the Sermones que Iluminan website.

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