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Give Us Our Daily Bread – Proper 12 (B) – 2015

2 Samuel 11:1-15 and Psalm 14; or 2 Kings 4:42-44 and Psalm 145: 10-19; Ephesians 3:14-21; John 6:1-21

We find in Christ the Reign of God breaking into the here and now. God knows our needs and provides strength for today and hope for tomorrow. It’s what the masses wanted when they tried to make Jesus their king, and we discover that eternal reign not for an age bound in time and then gone. In giving our lives to Jesus, we cross over from death to life, from the scarcity of an empire to the abundance of the Reign of God.

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Today’s sermon is written by The Rev. Canon Frank Logue is the Canon to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Georgia. He blogs at

In Christ Jesus, the Walls Come Down – Proper 11 (B) – 2015

 2 Samuel 7:1-14a and Psalm 89:20-37 (or Jeremiah 23:1-6 and Psalm 23); Ephesians 2:11-22Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

Into the midst of this situation comes Jesus, and as we read in Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians today, Christ “has broken down the dividing wall, that is, the hostility between us.” Languages and nations? Christ proclaims peace to those who are far off and those who are near. Religions and ideologies? Jesus was prepared even to “abolish the law with its commandments and ordinances,” in order to create one new humanity.

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Today’s sermon is written by The Rev. G. Cole Gruberth is priest-in-charge of the Allegany County Episcopal Ministry, a community of four houses of worship and welcome, within the Diocese of Rochester, N.Y.

The Power of Being Gathered Up into God – Proper 10 (B) – 2015


2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19 and Psalm 24 (or Amos 7:7-15 and Psalm 85:8-13); Ephesians 1:3-14Mark 6:14-29

Unlike Herod and others like him, we wouldn’t have to fight and connive and fawn over others so that power would be ours to abuse; we have the power of a loving God supporting us. We have the inheritance of the saints in light. We have the example and teachings of Jesus to show us the way.

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This week’s sermon is written by The Rev. Dr. Susanna Metz is vicar of Petrockstowe in the Torridge Team, Diocese of Exeter, North Devon, England, and is the publisher of Tuesday Morning, a quarterly journal focused on lectionary-based preaching and ministry.

Goliath Moments – Proper 9 (B) – 2015

2 Samuel 5:1-5, 9-10Psalm 482 Corinthians 12:2-10Mark 6:1-13

God is with us, as God is with all nations and peoples of the earth. The choice remains ours, however, whether we will offer God Uriah moments to judge, or Goliath moments to bless. Goliath moments: when strength arises out of weakness, despair gives way to hope, weariness is replaced by solidarity, and fear dissolves in the face of acceptance and welcome. There are Goliath moments still to come in our nation’s future.

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Today’s sermon is written by The Rev. Charles Hoffacker is an Episcopal priest and writer. He is the author of “A Matter of Life and Death: Preaching at Funerals” (Cowley Publications, 2003).

Living Without Fear – Proper 8 (B) – 2015

2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27Psalm 1302 Corinthians 8:7-15Mark 5:21-43

There was something in the woman’s immense faith, a total conviction that after years of suffering, she had found the cure in the person of Jesus, and the energy of that faith was more powerful than all the shoving and pulling of the crowd. One touch of utter faith calls forth the creative power of the divine, and healing occurs.

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Today’s sermon comes from Katerina K. Whitley who is the author of Seeing for Ourselves (Morehouse, 2002).  She lives and writes in Valle Crucis, near Boone, N.C.