‘Reclaiming Your Soul’

Wisdom from the Gospel of Luke

“Reclaiming Your Soul: Wisdom from the Gospel of Luke.” Daniel Schroeder. BeneVentura, 2015. 276 pp.

“Reclaiming Your Soul: Wisdom from the Gospel of Luke.” Daniel Schroeder. BeneVentura, 2015. 276 pp.

Daniel Schroeder’s “Reclaiming Your Soul: Wisdom from the Gospel of Luke” (BeneVentura, 2015) is a collection of reflections on the entire Gospel of St. Luke. It was initially written for monastics to enhance the Sunday gospel readings, but can be used by laypeople and clergy as well. As current guardian of a monastic Episcopal community, Schroeder works to build a formation journey based on the power of prayer, reflective study and personal service to others.

“Reclaiming Your Soul,” a resource for one’s spiritual journey, offers insights into discovering one’s true inner self, reclaiming what may have been lost or covered up by the demands of secular living. As we go through life we are shaped by many things that cause us to lose our way, our purpose and our happiness. The gospel wisdom found in St. Luke provides a foundation to begin the journey toward spiritual health and well-being. Readers will see how the teachings of Jesus apply to us even today.

Schroeder is the founder and current guardian of the Community of the Gospel, a Christian community officially recognized by the Episcopal Church. He holds a degree in Hebrew Studies from the University of Wisconsin, an M.B.A. in finance from Concordia University and a master’s degree in Adult Education Psychology from Northern Illinois University. His other book is “Reclaiming Eden: Taming the Serpent Ego” (Westview, 2009).

“Reclaiming Your Soul” can be ordered here.

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