‘The Book of Common Prayer: A Spiritual Treasure Chest’

“The Book of Common Prayer: A Spiritual Treasure Chest.” C.K. Robertson. Woodstock, VT: SkyLight Paths,, 2013. 208 pp.

“The Book of Common Prayer: A Spiritual Treasure Chest.” C.K. Robertson. Woodstock, VT: SkyLight Paths, 2013. 208 pp.

“The Book of Common Prayer: A Spiritual Treasure Chest” (SkyLight Paths, 2013) by C. K. Robertson offers a unique presentation of selections with facing-page commentary. Organized by themes such as “Blessings in Times of Joy and Pain,” “Called to Serve” and “Praise and Petition,” this volume in the SkyLight Illuminations series provides spiritual riches for all who are interested in deepening their life of prayer, building stronger relationships and making a difference in the world.

“The Book of Common Prayer: A Spiritual Treasure Chest” can be ordered here.

“A gift to the larger ecumenical community. The Book of Common Prayer … continues to offer spiritual formation to Christians of many traditions … this remarkable guide will enrich our pursuit.” — Kathryn Mary Lohre, president, National Council of the Churches of Christ USA

“One of the great classics …. Christians of every tradition can appreciate its majestic yet concise style, and draw upon it for inspiration and insight. Most welcome and of benefit to those seeking to deepen their Christian faith.” — The Rev. Ronald G. Roberson, CSP, associate director, Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, D.C.

“A fresh new set of insights …. A wellspring of encouragement to go deep and wide with this treasure trove of Christian roots and wings. I commend this work and all its potential for invigorating worship and transforming our experience of liturgy.” — Archbishop David Moxon, Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the Holy See; director, the Anglican Centre in Rome

“Warmly and brilliantly guides us through the spiritual riches of one of Christianity’s most sublime religious texts. Anyone who seeks wisdom, hope and a deeper, more authentic prayer life, both individually and communally, will find this resource immensely rewarding.” — The Rev. Peter Wallace, producer and host, Day1 radio program; author of “The Passionate Jesus: What We Can Learn from Jesus about Love, Fear, Grief, Joy and Living Authentically”

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