‘Jesus: The God App’

Conversations Along the Way

“Jesus, The God App: Conversations Along the Way.” Peter D. Snow. Bloomington, Ind.: Xlibris, 2014. 457 pp.

“Jesus, The God App: Conversations Along the Way.” Peter D. Snow. Bloomington, Ind.: Xlibris, 2014. 457 pp.

Peter D. Snow’s “Jesus: The God App: Conversations Along the Way” (Xlibris, 2014) is the distillate of 50 years preaching and teaching within the Episcopal Church. Aimed at open-minded, well-informed and thoughtful people inside and outside the church, this book provides readers with a coherent concept of Jesus’ ministry, both of his teaching and his interaction with those around him. Snow, an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Olympia, carefully searches out clues and connects the dots from all four gospels for anyone who has listened to the inevitably disconnected readings experienced in the liturgy. For those who find the diverse accounts within the gospels to be stumbling blocks, Snow provides a plausible, coherent approach to the evolvement of Jesus’ ministry.

Originally published under the title, “Jesus: Man Not Myth” (Amazon Digital Services, 2012) this book is as much a devotional work as theological text. To facilitate individual and group study, a list of references to biblical texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Josephus and other contemporary sources, as well as lesson plans and discussion guides can be found at http://www.jesusthegodapp.com.

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“One of the struggles in the modern, and now post-modern world, is to make the story of Jesus come alive. Peter Snow has made a great stride in that effort with his book ‘Jesus: The God App.’ Here we have a narrative, which obviously does contain some interpretation, but more than anything tries to bring the story into the realm of the everyday. Certainly Jesus lived and moved within the ‘everyday’ of life in his time, and this effort by Snow attempts to move the story from ‘report’ to true narrative, to bring us all into conversation with the life of Jesus so that we might more completely enter into his life and times. I recommend this book because I know it will provoke conversation, and struggle with the Gospel, something, which in the end, can only be good for the faith. I recommend this book because I know the heart of the man who wrote it, and I know his intent in bringing it to reality, that being that more people might come to see and know the saving power of Jesus Christ.” — The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, Diocese of Olympia

“Father Peter Snow has written a very engaging and inspired book that blends the imagination with practical and concrete explanations for the events and the characters who witnessed the life of Jesus up front. ‘Jesus: The God App’ is simply written as a real human story, avoiding the flowery abstractions which usually plague such literature. At no point does Peter Snow allow the centrality of Jesus Christ to become obscured, nor does he allow the reader to forget that our life and ministry flows from an honest and contemporary encounter with the person of Jesus. I found that this book is like none other. The author has connected the dots, complete with a lively exploration of the time, events and the responses of real men and women who gathered around Jesus and those who sought to destroy him. It is a devotional study, but it also gives creative and satisfying answers to many questions we hesitate to ask. I felt a deep ‘yes’ in response. This is an invaluable and surprising tool for any curious seeker or Jesus scholar.” — Sister Dorothy-Anne Kiest, Mother Guardian, the Little Sisters of St. Clare (LSSC)

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