‘Death Letter’

God, Sex, and War

900 Death Letter Cover

“Death Letter: God, Sex, and War.” David W. Peters. Colorado Springs, Colo: Tactical 16, 2014. 97 pp.

“Death Letter: God, Sex, and War” (Tactical 16, 2014) was written by David W. Peters in the dark days immediately following his return from the war in Iraq. Peters, an Episcopal priest and U.S. Army chaplain, offers this genre-defying book – part memoir, part comic lament – about his relationship with the three great subjects of our mythic imagination: God, sex and war.

DISCLAIMER: This book may not be suitable for all readers. As Peters explains in the  “Author’s Note”: “‘Death Letter: God, Sex, and War’ is a nonfiction memoir of my experiences in war and my homecoming. ‘Death Letter’ is written for combat veterans and those who love them. My fractured narrative contains explicit (definition: fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied) scenes of my shattered existence during and after my deployment.”

“Death Letter” can be purchased here.

“This is realistic writing. It gets a little grittier and more profane than we can actually use on the air.” — Robert Siegel, senior host of National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”

“I literally could not put this book down. It was riveting and I stayed up late into the night reading it – on my iPhone! Thanks, David, for keeping me awake well past bedtime. I was sorry that it ended. You will be too. The story is very compelling, but it is the writing that really draws you in.” — Adele Levine, author of “Run, Don’t Walk” (Avery, 2014)

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