‘A Walk Through the Churchyard’

"A Walk Through the Churchyard." Rob Gieselmann. Charleston, SC: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013. 126 pp.

“A Walk Through the Churchyard.” Rob Gieselmann. Charleston, SC: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012. 126 pp.

In “A Walk Through the Churchyard: Toward a Spirituality of Christian Death” (CreateSpace, 2012), Rob Gieselmann, an Episcopal priest, leads readers to a deeper understanding of death from a Christian perspective. Through his roles as student chaplain, rector, son and grieving husband, Gieselmann recounts and explores stories of the last moments of life. Drawing from scripture and the Book of Common Prayer, “A Walk Through the Churchyard” offers an honest and life-affirming approach to dealing with the loss of a loved one.

“Isn’t death’s victory an illusion, its only grip being fear? The fact that we are afraid to die, and afraid when others die? We focus on death because we are afraid of death, or the opposite – we avoid the subject of death because we are likewise afraid of death? But our hope, our confidence, our faith is in life, in Christ. We can live because death is a passage and not the end. Paul is wrong when he advises us not to grieve as others. We must grieve – but, we need not fear. We can live with confidence. Because of grace. Jesus at the grave, calling Lazarus’s name, your name, my name” (A Walk Through the Churchyard, p. 84).

“A Walk Through the Churchyard” can be ordered here.

“I am so grateful when emotionally gifted and highly intelligent people like Rob Gieselmann share their intimate experiences and understanding of death, from a Christian perspective. His work so diminishes one’s sense of being alone and lost in this most private of all human realms.” — Anne Lamott, author of “Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith”

“‘My suffering has become a spiritual lifeblood. I see in ways I did not see before.” So writes Rob Gieselmann as he allows you the reader to join him as he intensely reflects on his life and death experience years after the sudden death of his wife Laura. When you read this little booklet and allow yourself to enter into his very personal and honest and at times, emotionally raw moments of insight, you may with him see ‘death’s victory an illusion.”’ — The Rt. Rev. Charles L. Longest, D.D., Episcopal bishop, ret’d, Dioceses of Maryland and Easton

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