Bulletin Insert: Last Sunday After Epiphany (A)

World Mission Sunday

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Young Adult Service Corps member Sean Brown, in a pumpkin patch in Japan.

Young Adult Service Corps member Sean Brown, in a pumpkin patch in Japan.

Today is World Mission Sunday, observed each year on the Last Sunday After the Epiphany. On World Mission Sunday, the church comes together to focus on the global impact of the Baptismal Covenant’s call to “seek and serve Christ in all persons” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 305), and to raise our awareness of the many ways in which the Episcopal Church participates in God’s mission around the world.

God calls us to go out into the world and be with our brothers and sisters, whether they are halfway around the world or halfway down the block. Today we remember and give thanks for those in our church who are building, strengthening and deepening relationships throughout the Anglican Communion by serving as missionaries of the Episcopal Church. They are in Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Tanzania, Hong Kong, South Korea and many places in between. They listen and learn. They teach and preach. They work in offices, classrooms and on sustainable farms. Through their presence, they connect one part of God’s world to another part of God’s world.

Many Episcopal missionaries maintain blogs to share stories and pictures from their ministries at http://www.episcopalchurch.org/content/blogs/yasc and http://www.episcopalchurch.org/content/blogs/mission.

A few examples:

Will Bryant, from the Diocese of Western North Carolina, serves as a chaplaincy assistant with the Mission to Seafarers in Hong Kong: willbryantyasc.blogspot.com.

Thomas and Dianne Wilson installed as lay missionaries by Bishop Martin in the Diocese of El Salvador

Thomas and Dianne Wilson installed as lay missionaries by Bishop Martin in the Diocese of El Salvador

Sean Brown, from the Diocese of Hawaii, serves as a volunteer with the Asian Rural Institute in Japan: pilgrimsascending.blogspot.com.

Charlotte File, from the Diocese of Indianapolis, serves in the Diocese of Yokohama, Japan, as an education and international exchange program assistant at the Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project, Kiyosato: cfile-yasc.blogspot.com.

Heidi Galagan, from the Diocese of Wyoming, serves in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika in Tanzania. She teaches at the Canon Andrea Mwaka School in Dodoma: teachprayserve.blogspot.com.

The Rev. Dr. Ted Gaiser, from the Diocese of Massachusetts, serves as the director of Mission Development in the Diocese of Colombia: tedabroad.wordpress.com.

Thomas and Dianne Wilson, from the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, serve with the community of El Maizal in the Diocese of El Salvador: tomcaticus426.blogspot.com.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Boe, officer for Global Networking: eboe@episcopalchurch.org.


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