22 Million Potential Episcopalians?

22 million new Episcopalians. (Or at least, 22 million new mainline Protestants — if we still want to use those dated terms.) That’s what the new Pew Report on America’s Changing Religious Landscape tells me is possible. Yes, others are saying that this report describes the collapse of American Christianity. Others point out that this […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: Butts in Pews, or, Why Athanasius would have used SEO

Hello! It’s been awhile since I wrote to you on this list. This past week I read a journal article on how the Mormons do SEO — that’s Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the “secret sauce” that makes sure that when you type in “Episcopal” or “Duke vs. UNC” or “Mormon” that you get relevant — and […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: 10 Facebook “hacks” for your church

This post is all about stealing. I will admit up front that I am re-working Drew Hubbard’s excellent article “Easy-to-Steal Ideas from Facebook’s 10 Biggest Brands” that appeared earlier this week on iMedia Connection. But of course, his article was all about stealing, too – so I don’t feel so bad. Go read his article; but in […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: A message from the trenches about church websites

I’m on vacation this week, but I’ve asked Meredith Gould to share her thoughts on church websites. Enjoy – and I’ll be back in September! — Jake If you follow me on Twitter (@meredithgould) or read my work, you already know that I view church communications as a key ministry. And while it might seem […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: A tale of two landing pages

By now, I hope that you are getting the idea that marketing and advertising is about telling a story. A good story. We’ve talked about landing pages and “teaser” content, and some of you have written to ask me to unpack that a bit further. Probably the best thing for me to do is to […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: A simple content strategy for churches

It’s been another busy (and hot) week of getting the chance to speak with churches all across our denomination about marketing. Perhaps last week’s post on landing pages had something do with it, but website content was the topic that many of you were talking about. NewsCred published a great article on Airbnb’s content strategy. […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: The basics of using your website to grow your church

How many people come to your parish’s website? If you have Google Analytics installed, you might have a good idea. But do you know who they are? Do you have their names and their contact information? No? Well, let me tell you how you can make that happen. The Basics: 1-2-3 You want to know […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: Hollywood goes to church

I thought I would take a break from the nuts and bolts of parish marketing this July 4th weekend to write briefly about marketing and culture. Two weeks ago, I was part of a small group representing the Episcopal Church at the second annual Purpose: Family Entertainment + Faith Based Summit sponsored by the Hollywood […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: Church websites, Buy vs. Build (Part 2)

Last time, I wrote about the do-it-yourself approach to building a website for your church, and I shared with you the tools I used to build the Episcopal Digital Network. This week, I’ll write a little about some companies that offer website solutions just for churches. Monk Development In 2011, the Episcopal Church partnered with […]

From Jake Dell / THIS WEEK: Church websites, Buy vs. Build (Part 1)

Hello! I often get asked for advice on building vs. buying websites for churches. There are advantages to both. If you build, you keep complete control and you can keep your costs down. If you buy, you often get a more robust and integrated solution, but expect to pay more. This week I will share with you […]