Season After Pentecost, Ordinary Time, Proper 9, Year B
Scripture: Mark 5:21-43

Jesus heals two people, an elderly woman, and a young girl, neither of whom had any status in their community. The power that was flowing out from Jesus into them can also flow into the things that need healing in our lives, but we must risk opening up to receive it. Jesus seems to insist that the most important work happens in the ordinary and that our faith makes us well.

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LPTW Proper 8, Year B, Younger Children
LPTW Proper 8, Year B, Older Children
LPTW Proper 8, Year B, Adults
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This is Only a Test

Proper 8, Year A, Old Testament Lesson
Scripture: Genesis 22:1-14

There are many difficult stories in the Bible that are the stories of the relationship with God and a growing self understanding as God’s people. And we read this one with the perception and understanding of the faithful who remembered and told the story throughout the ages. These Biblical truths are not unlike the hard lessons we sometimes learn in fables or morality plays: Life is not always fair. Things are not always easy – even when we do what is right – and God can seem like a hard taskmaster or judge. And what the writers of Genesis saw as God’s testing of Abraham is not easy to digest.  Adults can often use metaphor to see the lesson for us.  For children this is harder. Be sensitive to these issues and shape the lesson for your own context.

The Book of Genesis provides foundational stories of our faith, God’s calling of a people, their often-failed responses to God, and God’s steadfast love throughout. The Abraham saga tells of the formation of Israel, beginning with the faithfulness of its patriarch Abraham. Although disillusioned with the wickedness of human beings, God separates out one family line to bring divine blessing to all subsequent families of the world. Abraham, the model of absolute faithfulness, trust and obedience, is symbolic of Israel’s idealized self. At the request of God Abraham has left his homeland to travel to a promised land. He has entertained angels unaware and trusted God’s promise of an heir even at an advanced age.

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LPTW Proper 8, Year A, Younger Children, Old Testament
LPTW Proper 8, Year A, Older Children, Old Testament

Welcoming Christ

Proper 8, Ordinary Time, Year A
Scripture: Matthew 10:40-42

Whoever welcomes you, welcomes Christ. Whoever welcomes Christ, welcomes God. Seems simple, but it is rather profound if you stop to think about it. As these words were being written, there weren’t phones or computers or even the postal service. Welcoming someone who came bearing a message meant welcoming not just the messenger, but also the one who sent the message. God sent Christ as a messenger, as one who came to show us and speak to us about God and living as people of God. For us today, what does welcoming the other look like and how do we welcome Christ into our lives? Who or what are our messengers today?

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LPTW Proper 8, Year A, Younger Children
LPTW Proper 8, Year A, Older Children
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