Here I Am

Trinity Sunday, Year B, Old Testament Lesson

Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8

Today, we hear the story of Isaiah’s vision as he attends worship service. The country was in great turmoil and God came to Isaiah with a message. Isaiah is overwhelmed by seeing who he truly is and who those around him are in this vision. God reminds him that those things we do wrong do not prevent us from serving God and that we are forgiven.

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LPTW Trinity Sunday, Year B, Old Testament, Younger Children
LPTW Trinity Sunday, Year B, Old Testament, Older Children

Choosing to Notice

First Sunday of Advent, Year C

Scripture: Luke 21:25-36

While the world frantically shops, hoping to find the joy which is announced in the piped-in-music to show up in purchases, we are being called to STOP. No, not to zone out, but to stand and be alert for signs. The Psalm for today calls out: “to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.” And so we hold in tension the delicious preparations of celebrating Christmas with seeking moments of silence in which to be vigilant – to lift up our souls.

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LPTW Advent 1, Year C, Younger Children
LPTW Advent 1, Year C, Older Children
LPTW Advent 1, Year C, Adults
LPTW Advent 1, Year C, All

Remembering and Celebrating Moses

Proper 25, Year A, Old Testament Lesson
Scripture: Deuteronomy 34:1-12

Previous to this, the people of Israel have been in a process of transition from being a people on a journey to a people entering into the land of Canaan.  They are transitioning from one part of their lives to the next.  Moses has given them instructions that carry forward into the book of Joshua, we hear the Song of Moses in 31:30-32:52, as Moses tells of the past and offers a vision for the future.  This is followed by Moses blessing the Israelites before he departed, and finally by Moses death and burial.  This is an amazing insight into God’s relationship with Moses and God’s love for Moses as servant and friend in leading the people.  Moses burial site is still unknown.

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LPTW Proper 25, Year A, Younger Children, Old Testament
LPTW Proper 25, Year A, Older Children, Old Testament

The Holy Spirit and Wind

Pentecost, Year C Intergenerational Lesson Plan
Scripture: Acts 2:1-21

The focal scripture for Pentecost is Acts 2:1-21. Jesus had told the disciples to wait until the advocate appeared. They were quite puzzled about what to expect in this advocate, but they trusted Jesus, and they waited.  The disciples had learned that there was empowerment in their spending time together, praying, and sharing their concerns.

They were probably together to celebrate Shavu’ot which was also called Pentecost because it occurred 50 days after Passover. Passover had brought physical freedom; at Shavu’ot people gratefully brought branches of their very first harvest and celebrated the “giving” of the Torah (the first five books found in our Bible), which brought freedom from idolatry.

On the Feast of Pentecost, the disciples experienced the Holy Spirit.  We can probably identify with Luke’s (the author of Acts) reaching for the right words to describe what happened: “It was like . . .” Yes. Well, like wind. Like . . . well, fire. Suddenly, the disciples were not just speaking — they were communicating. Each person listening to them understood what they were saying. Now the disciples were ready to do the work they had been given to do.

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LPTW Pentecost, Year C, Intergenerational

Peace Be With You

Second Sunday in Easter, Year C
Scripture: John 20:19-31

(Note: there is also an intergenerational lesson plan for this Sunday that you may wish to refer to or get more ideas from for your session.)

The women brought an account the men could not grasp. That evening, the exhausted band of men and women who followed Jesus, huddled in the locked room. They were terrified that they would be killed next. To their amazement, Jesus was right there in their midst proclaiming the Peace he had been teaching them to trust. Breath sweeping over the earth brought life in the beginning; now Jesus was breathing new life in the Holy Spirit.

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LPTW Easter 2, Year C, Younger Children
LPTW Easter 2, Year C, Older Children
LPTW Easter 2, Year C, Adult
LPTW Easter 2, Year C, All Lesson Plans