David’s Lament for Saul and Jonathan

Season after Pentecost, Proper 8, Year B, Old Testament
Scripture:2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27

Saul and David have a long and complicated history together. Saul became increasingly ineffective and paranoid and even chased David around the countryside trying to kill him at several points. David and Jonathan have been best friends, and Jonathan has given up so much for his friend, David.

Grief is always complicated, but here David simply laments the loss of two very important people. He also curses the circumstances and warns that this bodes poorly for the country. David shows his honesty with God and puts his emotions right out in public.

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LPTW Proper 8, Year B, Younger Children, Old Testament
LPTW Proper 8, Year B, Older Children, Old Testament


Season After Pentecost, Ordinary Time, Proper 9, Year B
Scripture: Mark 5:21-43

Jesus heals two people, an elderly woman, and a young girl, neither of whom had any status in their community. The power that was flowing out from Jesus into them can also flow into the things that need healing in our lives, but we must risk opening up to receive it. Jesus seems to insist that the most important work happens in the ordinary and that our faith makes us well.

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LPTW Proper 8, Year B, Younger Children
LPTW Proper 8, Year B, Older Children
LPTW Proper 8, Year B, Adults
LPTW Proper 8, Year B, All