Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

Easter, Year B, Acts Lesson Plan

Scripture: Acts 10:34-43


During Eastertide, the Old Testament readings are replaced in the lectionary with passages from the book of Acts. Today’s passage is obvious and straightforward. Peter, who has been invited to the home of a Roman Centurion, named Cornelius, to proclaim the Good News. Before our excerpt for today begins, Peter arrives at Cornelius’ home and Cornelius falls to the ground, worshipping Peter. Peter tell him to get up and explains that he is only a human. Peter then asks why Cornelius has sent for him. Peter says that in the past he would not have come to speak to Cornelius and his compatriots because he would have considered Gentiles to be unclean. But God has opened Peter’s eyes to see that the Gospel of Jesus is for all people in all the world. Cornelius explains that he say in a dream that he should invite Peter to preach the Good News, so he has gathered his friends and is anxious to hear the story of Jesus. In this passage Peter literally tells the Good News of Christ Jesus from the baptism of John to the resurrection and forgiveness of sin.

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LPTW Easter, Year B, Acts, Younger Children
LPTW Easter, Year B, Acts, Older Children

We Are Easter People

Easter, Year B

Scripture: John 20:1-18

This is John’s account of the resurrection, where Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb by herself and finds that the stone in front of the tomb had been moved. She runs to get Simon Peter and the beloved disciple who go inside the tomb to find the wrappings that were on Jesus’ body were still there, but Jesus was gone. The disciples return to where they are staying and Mary is standing outside the tomb crying when she is asked by angels, “woman, why are you crying?” She explains, only to have Jesus (who she does not recognize) ask her the same question. Jesus answers her by simply saying her name, which causes her to recognize him. Jesus tells her to go spread the news that he has risen and will be ascending to the Father.

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LPTW Easter, Year B, Younger and Older Children

Note: Many churches do not hold regular classes on Easter. If, however, you meet with the children we suggest this modified plan. No session for adults is offered on the assumption that any time after the service would be spent identifying people who are not regular members and extending hospitality to them as well as time spent celebrating Easter.