Easter Celebration!

Easter, Old Testament Testament Lesson, Year A
Scripture: Acts 10:34-43

Note: for the Easter Season, readings from the Acts of the Apostles take the place of Old Testament Readings. 

In the Book of Acts we learn the stories of the early church, what happened to the apostles after Jesus ascended to heaven, the trials and persecutions they faced for spreading the Good News, and the work of the Holy Spirit in emboldening the apostles and inspiring new converts. In the next seven weeks we will be hearing accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus through the eyes of his apostles as they attempt to share Jesus’ message. In today’s story Cornelius, a Roman centurion [commander of a hundred soldiers] has been told in a vision to find Peter and bring him to his home to speak to Cornelius’ family and friends. Peter agrees to go. Peter tells the story of Jesus, his death and resurrection, as good news for all. This story marks the beginning of the mission to the Gentiles.

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LPTW Easter, Year A, Younger Children, Old Testament
LPTW Easter, Year A, Older Children

Easter: Come and See

Easter, Year A
Scripture: John 20:1-18

First Mary Magdalene, then Peter and another disciple, peer into the tomb. The body is gone but not stolen. Remaining in the tomb were the cloths, just as the women had placed them around their Lord’s broken body. Jesus is now transformed into his resurrected body. What transformation is Jesus calling us to in our time and place?

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LPTW Easter Sunday, Year A, Younger Children
LPTW Easter Sunday, Year A, Older Children
LPTW Easter Sunday, Year A, All