Low Carbon Potluck

Throw a potluck and invite participants to bring their favorite meal with a catch. Ask them to incorporate low carbon, seasonal and local substitutes in place of high carbon footprint ingredients. During the meal, talk about the changes you each made and share where the different ingredients of your meal came from.

Five Steps Towards a Low Carbon Meal
  1. Include more fruits and vegetables. Use less meat and dairy.
  2. Refer back to the Eat Low Carbon Quiz diet tips: www.eatlowcarbon.org/diet-tips/
  3. Shop at local farmer’s market, farm stand, or grocery store that provides seasonal and regionally grown/processed foods. Find a local community garden, backyard garden, or church garden that you can glean or buy your veggies from.
  4. Purchase items that use little to no packaging.
  5. Enjoy your meal with friends and family who have walked, carpooled, or taken public transportation to join the feast.
  6. (Extra) Remember, these activities are meant to create awareness, opportunities for conversation and grow new relationships within your community, so have fun exploring!

For more information on Low Carbon Diets: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_carbon_diet


Creator God, we can choose to live differently.  Inspire us as we make choices so that we will recognize the impact our lives have on our environment and our human family around the globe.

We pray to the Lord:  Lord, help us reclaim the present moment and future.

Loving God, encourage us to be people of hope as we look forward in faith, knowing that we can build a world of justice and peace.


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