Service and Giving Thanks

Last Pentecost, Year A
Scripture: Matthew 25:31-46

This is the culmination of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew, (and for us it is also the finale of the church year) and Jesus does not mince words telling those gathered around him about what we are all called to do and what we all can do each and everyday. This is not rocket science. It’s about treating each person we meet as if they were Jesus, because they are and therefore should be given all the same respect and honor as our Lord.

Note: This is also the last day in the church year, so Option 2 of the lesson focuses a bit more on that if you wish to help the children prepare for the New Year we begin next Sunday on the First Sunday in Advent.

Download the Lesson Plan for Year A

LPTW Last Pentecost, Year A, Younger Children
LPTW Last Pentecost, Year A, Older Children
LPTW Last Pentecost, Year A, Adults
LPTW Last Pentecost, Year A, All

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