God Knows Us

Season After Pentecost, Ordinary Time, Proper 7, Year A
Scripture: Matthew 10:24-39

The reading for today can be a difficult one if we do not look at what lies beneath the word. Jesus tells us that what we instinctively do or don’t do, we should be doing the opposite. Jesus talks about setting family members against one another and turning things upside down. These are challenging words for us because it means that all those relationships, all the things we think are important, all those cultural norms we try so hard to abide by are turned on their head. The central message in all this upendedness is that God comes first before anything else we think might be important AND God knows all of those things in our hearts and minds. The good news is that because God knows all, it means that we do not need to keep anything hidden, we do not need to fear, we do not need to keep secrets. All is known by God and nothing comes before God. Nothing.

Download the Lesson Plans for Proper 7

LPTW Proper 7, Year A, Younger Children
LPTW Proper 7, Year A, Older Children
LPTW Pentecost 7, Year A, Adult
LPTW Proper 7, Year A, All


  1. Elizabeth Forbes says:

    You left out Proper 6 – Matthew 9:35-10:8, June 18th. Ooops.

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