Come Let us Walk in the Light

First Sunday in Advent, Old Testament Lesson, Year A
Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5

Advent begins with darkness. In the days of the prophets, the Israelites looked to God for hope and promise.  The prophets began to speak of the hope and light that would be coming to the people of God.  Today we continue to share the stories of the prophets to remind us that we have been given this hope and light through the birth of Jesus Christ.  During this time in the calendar year our days are getting shorter,  and we wait for the light of Christ to shatter this darkness.  In Advent we are encouraged to stop and listen and hear what the prophets are saying.

Download the Lesson Plans for First Sunday in Advent, Old Testament Lessons

LPTW Advent 1, Year A, Younger Children, Old Testament
LPTW Advent 1, Year A, Older Children, Old Testament


  1. Kathi Hackett says

    Your website is on the Featured Faith Formation Websites list provided by the Faith Formation Learning Exchange. I love all of the things you have on your site. It is colorful, creative, informative and keeps someone new like me interested and most importantly, impressed. Nice job to whoever is responsible for creating your website. It is lovely and I may have to take many of your ideas when trying to decide what is important for our website. I am curious…about how much time is spent keeping all of your information current?

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