A Cloud Descending

Last Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C
Scripture: Luke 9:28-36 (optional 37-43a)

The Season of Epiphany that began with a hint of the Trinity closes with yet another glimpse. Jesus takes three of his disciples with him to the mountain to pray. They hear a voice again! This time it is not a dove descending, but a cloud. And even Jesus’ clothes become dazzling white. What must have been going on in the minds of the three disciples, as they kept silent about all that they had seen?

Download the Lesson Plans for the Last Sunday after the Epiphany

LPTW Last Epiphany, Year C, Younger Chidlren
LPTW Last Epiphany, Year C, Older Children
LPTW Last Epiphany, Year C, Adults

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