Closing the loop on racial reconciliation

Two Virginia parishes reckon with their Confederate histories

[Episcopal News Service] He felt attacked, and says so, specifically choosing the word to convey his strength of emotion. Yes, he felt personally attacked. But A.W. “Buster” Lewis also felt that R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church in Lexington, Virginia–his parish–“as I knew it, was being attacked and that we needed to do something about it.” […]

Cerrando el ciclo de la reconciliación racial

Dos parroquias de Virginia ajustan su pasado confederado

[Episcopal News Service] Él se sintió agredido, y así lo dice, escogiendo específicamente la palabra para transmitir la fuerza de su sentimiento. Sí, él se sintió personalmente agredido. Pero A.W. Lewis (“Buster”) también sintió que las iglesia episcopal en memoria de R.E. Lee [R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church] en Lexington, Virginia —su parroquia–“como yo la conocía, […]

National Cathedral continues to debate the Lee, Jackson windows

[Episcopal News Service] When sunlight shines through the Washington National Cathedral’s stained glass windows, colors disperse. Hues take flight from the visual stories that normally confine them to a framed, defined space. Illuminated, the freed colors alight on cathedral walls as patches of blue, shades of pink and splotches of purple, transformed from visual narratives […]

Ghana pilgrims study development as reconciliation

[Episcopal News Service – Accra, Ghana] It’s not uncommon to see women using donkeys to plow fields during the growing season in Ghana’s Upper East Region. Donkeys, it turns out, are easier to manage than bullocks, and when hitched to a plow, women can manage them on their own. “As in any part of the […]

National Cathedral faces calls to remove windows with Confederate generals

[Religion News Service] After quietly removing panes bearing the Confederate flag from its stained-glass windows, leaders of the Washington National Cathedral are now wondering what to do about remaining images of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. “How can you justify having those windows in a house of God?” challenged Riley Temple, a former board member of […]

UBE Opening Eucharist includes confession of the sin of racism

[Union of Black Episcopalians] The opening Eucharist service of the Union of Black Episcopalians annual conference, held July 31 at Christ Church Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana, commenced with an acknowledgment and confession of the sin of racism. Bishop of Louisiana Morris Thompson addressed the congregation of more than 400 people. “We gather in this sacred […]

Building ‘Beloved Community’ in Atlanta and beyond

Diocese’s program to dismantle racism serves as a model for others

[Episcopal News Service] Scenes of violence and protest have unfolded with brutal frequency across a divided America accustomed to viewing such news through the lens of race. Two black men are shot dead by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota. Demonstrators rally behind “Black Lives Matter” banners. Ambushes in Dallas and Baton Rouge leave eight […]

Video: On policing, reconciliation, black lives and the church’s role

Gayle Fisher-Stewart, a priest and retired police officer, shares her thoughts

[Episcopal News Service] The Rev. Gayle Fisher-Stewart spent 20 years working as a police officer for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department. She joined the department in 1972, four years after riots destroyed parts of the city following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. At the time African-Americans made of 70 percent of the […]

Historically black church explores faith and justice in gentrified Washington, D.C.

[Episcopal News Service – Washington, D.C.] The decision to display a Black Lives Matter banner above the parish hall entrance did not come easily for the leadership of Calvary Episcopal Church, a historically black church with a reputation for social justice and action on the U.S. capital’s northeast side. “Some folks have taken offense to […]

In Mississippi, racial reconciliation is focus of Presiding Bishop’s visit

[Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry attended a historic event for the Diocese of Mississippi that was brought into being by four Jackson churches and one Vicksburg church as they organized services to honor and commemorate the legacies of Mississippi civil rights activists Medgar Evers, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner. St. […]