Reflection from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on post-hurricane relief

  “It may be that we cannot solve everything, and we cannot do everything. But we can do something, no matter what,” Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael B. Curry offers in a reflection. A video of the Presiding Bishop’s reflection here. The Presiding Bishop’s reflection follows: Whether it is the pain of the […]

Reflexión del Obispo Presidente Michael Curry

Quizás no podamos solucionarlo todo, ni podamos hacerlo todo. Pero, pase lo que pase, algo podemos hacer.

[12 de septiembre de 2017] “Quizás no podamos solucionarlo todo, ni podamos hacerlo todo. Pero, pase lo que pase, algo podemos hacer”. Reflexión que nos ofrece Michael B. Curry, Obispo Presidente y Primado de la Iglesia Episcopal. Video sobre la reflexión el Obispo Presidente A continuación compartimos la reflexión del Obispo Presidente: Sea el dolor […]

The best ways to help hurricane survivors, now and later

Those inspired to help advised to verify their donations are needed 

[Episcopal News Service] Brett Covington didn’t have any money to donate to people devastated by Hurricane Harvey. But she gave what she had: a steer. Only in Texas, right? Before accepting this gift, Christy Orman, the Diocese of Texas hurricane relief coordinator from Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, had to lock down a place that could […]

Episcopal Relief & Development continues to respond to needs in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

[Episcopal Relief & Development] Hurricane Harvey, the first major storm of the 2017 hurricane season, caused heavy rain and catastrophic flooding as it hovered over Houston, Galveston and other parts of Texas and Louisiana in late August. More than 60 deaths have been reported to date. This powerful storm first made landfall on August 25 […]

Preachers offer comfort, challenge and humor in the face of Harvey

[Episcopal News Service] Sometimes, it is the simplest words that work the best. That, and some humor. “So.” “Wow.” “What a week.” That is how the Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr., rector of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, began his Sept. 3 sermon. Like many preachers faced with the task of bringing the […]

Predicadores brindan consuelo, estímulo y humor frente a Harvey

[Episcopal News Service] A veces, las palabras más sencillas son las que mejor funcionan. Eso, y algo de humor. “Entonces” “¡Guau!” “¡Qué semana!” Así fue que el Rdo. Russell J. Levenson Jr., rector de la iglesia episcopal de San Martín [St. Martin’s Episcopal Church] en Houston, comenzó su sermón del 3 de septiembre. Al igual que […]

Episcopalians labor on to help Hurricane Harvey-hit Gulf Coast

One week after storm’s first landfall, survivors assess damage, plan recovery

[Episcopal News Service] The rest of the United States might be headed into the three-day Labor Day weekend with thoughts of picnics and beaches, but Episcopalians along the Harvey-hit Gulf Coast will be working to clean up the damage and begin to put their lives, and the lives of their neighbors, back together. That work […]

Complete Hurricane Harvey coverage from Episcopal News Service

Le Primat Michael Curry sur le sujet de l’ouragan Harvey

« Nos frères et sœurs du Texas et de Louisiane ont besoin de notre aide »

[Bureau des Relations publiques de l’Église épiscopale] Il y a fort longtemps le prophète Malachie nous a enseigné que nous sommes tous des enfants de Dieu en vertu de notre création par le même Dieu. « N’avons-nous pas tous un seul père ? Un seul Dieu ne nous a-t-il pas créés ? », demandait-il (2 :10). Jésus nous a enseigné la […]

With Harvey still drenching the South, Episcopalians minister to neighbors

From Coastal Bend of Texas to Florida, flooding rains wreak havoc

[Episcopal News Service] Robert Jordan, senior warden of Trinity Episcopal Church in Baytown, Texas, says it was just something that had to be done: going out onto the Houston floodwaters in his 18-foot aluminum boat to discover people who needed rescuing. So far, he has found about 30 folks. Some he rescued from their garages; […]