EPPN: Protect immigrant youth today

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] Since the end of June, there have been two major developments concerning protections for young people brought to the U.S. as children, known as DREAMers. We need you to speak out today for protections for these young adults today by taking TWO actions. Update on Protections for DREAMers In […]

EPPN: Call your senators to protect health care for all

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] The United States Senate is now considering a series of measures that would radically remake the way health care is provided in this country, and dramatically change who has access to care. A partial, or “skinny,” repeal of the Affordable Care Act would likely remove the patient protections that the […]

EPPN: Tell congress to support common sense gun reform

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] In recent weeks, our nation again suffered multiple episodes of gun-related violence, and Episcopalians around the country are standing up for safer communities and sensible approaches to reduce gun violence. We must demand that Congress reform existing gun safety laws and close loopholes in the background check system. Congress is […]

EPPN: Stand With Refugees Campaign

[Episcopal Public Policy Network] In advance of World Refugee Day on June 20th, join the Stand with Refugees Campaign! Call your members of Congress to remind them that the United States plays a critical role in providing protection and hope for the persecuted, support a refugee admissions number of at least 75,000 in 2018, and […]

EPPN: Advocate for environmental appropriations

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has released this statement regarding President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. Though the withdrawal from this agreement is a setback, advocacy on environmental issues can still have a big impact. Continue to make your voice heard on climate issues, and learn […]

EPPN: Faith values for a national budget

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] President Trump is expected to release his federal budget request May 23. This budget request is one important component of the fiscal year 2018 appropriations and budget process. Read the Office of Government Relations resource on the federal budget to educate yourself on this process ahead of upcoming action alerts. […]

EPPN: Take action on hunger in Haiti

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] Six months after Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, 1.5 million Haitians remain food insecure. As our world’s climate changes, Haitians have endured catastrophic droughts, destructive floods and repetitive hurricanes which exacerbate existing agricultural challenges and erode development gains. Haitians depend upon international support and technical assistance from the United States, […]

EPPN: Raise your voice for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] This year, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge needs your support more than ever. The Refuge is a national treasure that stands alone in its wildness, ecological integrity, beauty, and unique recreational opportunities, and as an Episcopalian, you have a powerful voice in the effort to protect this incomparable landscape […]

EPPN: Act on climate, march on Washington

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] On March 28, President Donald Trump released an executive order that rolled back critical government policies curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Through this action, the Trump administration limits the ability of the U.S. to confront and address our changing climate and to preserve our clean air and water. His executive […]

EPPN: Congress votes on health care tomorrow, make your voice heard

[Episcopal Public Policy Network] Tomorrow, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on the American Health Care Act, a bill that aims to repeal and replace elements of the Affordable Care Act. House leadership has added a manager’s amendment to the bill that further weakens the Medicaid program. The American Health Care Act privileges wealthy […]