Church organist arrested in post-election vandalism at Episcopal congregation in Indiana

[Episcopal News Service] A staff organist has been arrested in the post-election vandalism at an Episcopal church in Indiana – an incident that generated national headlines in November as a possible case of politically motivated hate speech, but one that prosecutors now say was instead the act of someone hoping to mobilize others disappointed with […]

1500 interfaith clergy call on Republican lawmakers to reject Trump’s ‘Cabinet of Bigotry’

[Faith in Public Life press release] More than 1,500 interfaith leaders are calling on Republican members of Congress to reject President-elect Donald Trump’s “Cabinet of Bigotry” that includes Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alt-Right leader Steve Bannon, and Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, and to appoint advisers who understand that forging a more tolerant, united and inclusive […]

Conversion to Thanksgiving in the time of Trump

[National Union of Black Episcopalians] Dear members and friends of UBE: This has been a difficult assignment to engage.  When our President, Canon Annette Buchanan, invited me to write this message my first impulse was to decline.  I was and I am distressed by the Presidential election results. Distressed about what it seems to reveal about […]

The newest wave of the Jesus Movement

On November 9, I woke up in a hotel bed in New York City, after all-day meetings the day before. I had fallen asleep with the TV on. It was about 4am, and even without my glasses, I could see the huge red announcement. I soon realized that I was not dreaming… As Bishop in […]

Black clergy discuss church’s role in reconciling society

Curry: Church can help ‘balkanized, fragmented and segregated’ American culture

[Episcopal News Service – Houston, Texas] How to be the church in the world as it is today was the focus of a wide-ranging Nov. 15 discussion between Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and other participants in the Episcopal Church’s International Black Clergy Conference. Curry acknowledged that the church and society face many challenges but, he […]

Letter to President-elect Trump from the Diocese of Pennsylvania

[Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania] Dear President Elect Trump, We are the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. We value our commonwealth’s heritage as the birthplace of the United States of America founded on the principles of equality and justice for all. As our new President Elect, we want you to know that we are […]

President of the House of Deputies: Why reconciliation with President-elect Trump may be impossible for some Christians

[Religion News Service] For months, as the Republican nominee for president spewed hatred and contempt for women, people of color, and immigrants, the white church stood by and watched. The Twitter hashtag #whitechurchquiet bears witness to our silence. But on Election Day, white Christians — not just an overwhelming number of evangelicals, but also majorities […]

Following the way of Jesus: Statement from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael B. Curry has issued the following statement: Last week I shared what I pray was a reconciling post-election message to our church, reminding us that ‘we will all live together as fellow Americans, as citizens.’ Today I want to remind […]

Election message: Alabama Bishop Kee Sloan

Kee Sloan on Election Day from Episcopal Diocese of Alabama on Vimeo.

Election message to the members of Latino congregations: Virginia bishops

[Episcopal Diocese of Virginia] Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ, In these days after the presidential election, many are experiencing fear and uncertainty.  We write to you as your bishops to assure you that we stand against any efforts to harass or intimidate Latino/Hispanic persons.  We stand for a just immigration policy that allows families […]