Episcopal racial reconciliation event draws large crowd in Lexington, Virginia

[Diocese of Southwestern Virginia — Lexington, Virginia] More than 150 community members crowded a middle school cafeteria in Lexington, Virginia, Sept. 13 to hear a lecture on race and civil discourse presented by Wornie Reed, director of the Race and Social Policy Research Center at Virginia Tech and professor of sociology and Africana studies there. […]

Charlottesville congregations once divided by segregation now chart healing path together

[Episcopal News Service – Charlottesville, Virginia] “Trauma” was the word Presiding Bishop Michael Curry chose in the aftermath of Aug. 12, the day white supremacists marched through Charlottesville, Virginia. “The bitter, painful reality of what we have called and known to be racism, which never went away, was like a scab was ripped off Aug. […]

Reflexión del Obispo Presidente Michael Curry

Quizás no podamos solucionarlo todo, ni podamos hacerlo todo. Pero, pase lo que pase, algo podemos hacer.

[12 de septiembre de 2017] “Quizás no podamos solucionarlo todo, ni podamos hacerlo todo. Pero, pase lo que pase, algo podemos hacer”. Reflexión que nos ofrece Michael B. Curry, Obispo Presidente y Primado de la Iglesia Episcopal. Video sobre la reflexión el Obispo Presidente A continuación compartimos la reflexión del Obispo Presidente: Sea el dolor […]

Western North Carolina: A follow-up letter on Charlottesville

[Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina] Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Last week I wrote a letter in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Charlottesville. I want to be clear that as Christians, we must meet everyone with the love of Christ in our hearts — no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, […]

Ohio: Bishop of Ohio issues statement on Charlottesville

[Episcopal Diocese of Ohio] Sisters and brothers in Christ, In my prayers since hearing of the violence in Charlottesville on Saturday, these words of the Pledge of Allegiance have come up repeatedly: “…one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Written in 1892 by the Rev. Francis Bellamy and amended by Congress in […]

Episcopal-supported intentional community in Charlottesville embodies radical discipleship — and permaculture

Not a commune exactly, but these young people do a lot of sharing and caring

[Episcopal News Service] In the 95-degree heat, a young, bearded white man wearing a hat with a “Black Lives Matter” pin sprawls on a lawn chair past the graveled driveway of the house nestled in a valley off Monacan Trail Road southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia. A rainbow of origami cranes strung together like garland hovers […]

Un Mensaje del Obispo Presidente Michael Curry: De aquí ¿a dónde vamos: al caos o a la comunidad?

  [El 18 de agosto de 2017] En su mensaje, provocado por las recientes acciones en Charlottesville, Virginia, y sus consecuencias, el Obispo y Primado de la Iglesia Episcopal, Michael B. Curry, pregunta: “De aquí ¿a dónde vamos: al caos o a la comunidad? Observando que es “la mancha del fanatismo la que ha cubierto […]

West Missouri: bishop’s statement on Charlottesville violence

[Epicopal Diocese of West Missouri] Aug. 17, 2017 I was on the road when it happened, away from my home and my office, booked solid from dawn ‘til dusk for 10 straight days. I was swamped. Then the news broke from Charlottesville. Confrontation and violence on the streets of a normally beautiful college town. I […]

Alabama: bishop’s statement on Charlottesville

[Episcopal Diocese of Alabama] August 17, 2017 Hello, friends I hope you all know I’m not one to burden you with my opinions every time there’s a story in the news; I hope you know I really don’t want to use my position to talk about politics. But at some point I think I’m failing […]

Connecticut: Statement on Charlottesville violence

[Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut] Aug. 14, 2017 Dear Companions in Christ, We write to you on this day following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Once again a community in our nation has been torn apart by senseless violence resulting in bloodshed and death. We celebrate and uphold our country’s rights of free speech and assembly. […]