United Society reclaims familiar USPG name

[Anglican Communion News Service] The Anglican mission agency United Society is to resume using the more familiar name USPG by which it was known between 1956 and 2012. But the agency is not returning to its former full name of United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. The new full name will be the […]

Churches respond to ongoing violence in South Sudan

[Anglican Communion News Service] Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has lamented the latest escalation of violence in Juba, South Sudan, saying it has “caused yet more appalling suffering for the people of South Sudan.” Williams, speaking in his capacity as chair of the British ecumenical development agency Christian Aid, said that the country’s people “have, […]

Faith-based groups at UN AIDS conference

[Anglican Communion News Service] The United Nations’ 21st International AIDS Conference got underway yesterday (Monday) as some 18,000 delegates from 183 countries gathered in Durban, South Africa. Before it began, faith-based groups from around the world held a pre-conference meeting to discuss their approach. UNAIDS say that the conference “is set to emphasize the need to […]

Indian Christians step up caste protests

[Anglican Communion News Service] Churches throughout India are stepping up protests against the country’s discriminatory caste system which disadvantages Dalit Christians and Muslims. The caste system is a Hindu-based status system that grades different groups of people on a social scale. The lowest castes – the Dalits, or untouchables – are discriminated against in the […]

Southern Africa launches Decade of Intentional Discipleship

[Anglican Communion News Service] The Anglican Church of Southern Africa will launch a Decade of Intentional Discipleship at its biennial renewal conference, Anglicans Ablaze, later this year. It follows the call from the Anglican Consultative Council, at their meeting in Lusaka in April (ACC-16), for “every province, diocese and parish” in the Anglican Communion to […]

Bishop asks world for prayers as Angola economy slumps

[Anglican Communion News Service] Bishop of Angola Andre Soares has warned that his country’s economy has taken a huge hit because of the collapse in the price of oil. He says basic essentials are no longer available. Speaking at Chatham House – the renowned international affairs think tank – during a visit to the U.K., he […]

Canada: Seven bishops ‘publicly dissent’ from same-sex marriage vote

[Anglican Journal] General Synod “erred grievously” in its approval, earlier this week, of a resolution allowing same-sex marriages, a group of seven bishops say. In  a statement  released Friday, July 15, the bishops said they “publicly dissent” from the decision, which, they add, “imperils our full communion within the Anglican Church of Canada and with Anglicans […]

Canada: Primate says he can’t stop bishops from allowing same-sex marriages

[Anglican Journal] Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, says he understands why some bishops have chosen to go ahead with the solemnization of same-sex marriages, even though the marriage canon (church law) cannot be officially changed until it is voted on again at General Synod 2019. He also stressed that he […]

Canada: In wake of same-sex marriage vote, some bishops fret for unity

[Anglican Journal] Canadian Anglican bishops have begun to respond to General Synod’s provisional vote on same-sex marriage in starkly different ways: a number have called for prayers, some announced they will now allow religious weddings for same-sex couples and others have expressed anxiety about unity in the church. On July 12, General Synod reversed its […]

Canada: Primate calls for humility, ‘patience’ after marriage vote

[Anglican Journal] Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, is asking Canadian Anglicans to display humility and love for one another in the wake of the divisive vote on same-sex marriage. Hiltz says he prays that the church not be riven, but that Canadian Anglicans strive for the “unity of the Spirit […]