National Cathedral continues to debate the Lee, Jackson windows

[Episcopal News Service] When sunlight shines through the Washington National Cathedral’s stained glass windows, colors disperse. Hues take flight from the visual stories that normally confine them to a framed, defined space. Illuminated, the freed colors alight on cathedral walls as patches of blue, shades of pink and splotches of purple, transformed from visual narratives […]

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preaches at St. John’s in Hong Kong

[Episcopal News Service — Hong Kong] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preached to a standing room only crowd that overflowed into the courtyard at St. John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong’s central business district on Feb. 19. Curry is on his first official visit to Asia since his July 2015 election as presiding bishop and primate of the […]

Standing Rock camps face another deadline due to melting snow, changing tactics

Local Episcopalians join tribe's call for march on Washington, D.C. next month

[Episcopal News Service] Standing alongside the road in Solen, North Dakota, Feb. 17 and looking out over the Cannonball River, the Rev. John Floberg declared the weather too hot. “It’s 43 degrees,” he said during a telephone interview, as a car sped by at midmorning. The day before the temperature was above 50. Weather like […]

Ghana reconciliation pilgrimage a ‘homecoming,’ presiding bishop says

Pilgrims repent the Church’s and America’s complicity in the trans-Atlantic slave trade

[Episcopal News Service – Accra, Ghana] Most Episcopalians and Americans know the United States’ history of slavery, and how Union and Confederate soldiers fought a bloody civil war opposing and defending it. But lesser known is the horrific story that preceded slaves’ journey to the New World; a journey that carried them from Africa to […]