General Seminary faculty returning to work, devoted to reconciliation

[Episcopal News Service] In a letter to Bishop Mark Sisk, chair of the board of trustees for the General Theological Seminary, the eight striking faculty members have accepted the board’s invitation to accept “provisional reinstatement” and to enter a process of reconciliation. A conflict between eight of the 11-member faculty and the Very Rev. Kurt […]

General Seminary trustees issue statement

Dunkle to be retained, eight professors may request 'provisional reinstatement'

[General Theological Seminary press release] On October 17, 2014, The General Theological Seminary issues this statement: “Shaping the future leaders of our Church is a responsibility we take very seriously; to that end, the concerns raised by eight members of the Faculty were given full consideration by both the Board of Trustees and the Executive […]

Requiescat in pace: Bishop M. Thomas Shaw, SSJE

[Diocese of Massachusetts press release] The Society of St. John the Evangelist has announced that the Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw, SSJE, monk and, for 20 years, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, died on Oct. 17 in the care of his SSJE brothers at Emery House in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He was […]

Southeast Florida diocese announces 5 nominees for bishop coadjutor

[Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida press release] The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida has announced its slate of nominees for bishop coadjutor of the diocese. The nominees were presented to the Standing Committee by the Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee, which was tasked with leading the process, which began seven months ago. […]

Texas church helps preserve rare prairie

[Episcopal News Service] St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in West Columbia, Texas, sits in the midst of a once majestic coastal prairie that stretched from Louisiana, across the rolling grasslands of the Gulf Coast, and nearly to Mexico at the Rio Grande. Less than 1 percent of this extensive tall-grass Eden remains and only a tiny fraction […]

Sometimes it’s a long way home

Texas veterans join local pilgrimages to aid the journey

[Diocese of Texas] The sanctuary is quiet, empty and dark. The doors open, and veterans of more than five wars slowly walk in and surround the baptismal font. Prayers for light are spoken as the candles and torches are lit. The pilgrimage begins. Veterans at this Pilgrimages of Remembrance and Reconciliation are gathered from seven Episcopal […]

On our way rejoicing

[Diocese of Dallas] Whether reciting the liturgy in Igbo, sharing the chalice with the homeless or discovering the Canterbury Trail, all illustrate the rich vibrancy of the Dallas diocese where 11,300 believers sit in the pews each Sunday to worship. Church planting, urban renewal, population growth and renewed excitement toward all things Anglican have buoyed the […]

Border crisis in Texas diminishes for now

Donors make West Texas ministries to refugees sustainable

[Diocese of West Texas] The number of refugees crossing the southern Texas border from countries in Central America has decreased significantly in recent weeks. According to Catholic Charities, an estimated 50 people cross the border each day, compared to 150 per day this summer. Due to the graciousness of donors across the United States and […]

Mississippi diocese ordains Brian Seage as bishop coadjutor

[Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi] The Very Rev. Brian Richard Seage was ordained and consecrated bishop coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi on Sept. 27 at a service at the Jackson Convention Complex. Seage was elected on May 3 at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Jackson, and received the required consents from a majority of bishops […]

Olympia: Redmond church’s Food Bank Farm sets new harvest record

[Episcopal Diocese of Olympia] The Food Bank Farm, a ministry of Church of the Holy Cross in Redmond, Washington, will set records this year, topping the 98,000 lbs harvested in 2013. This year’s harvest includes some carrots, beets, and potatoes, but mostly acorn squash – rows and rows of acorn squash. “The estimate for 2014 is […]