Data from 2016 Parochial Reports now available

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs] The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Barlowe, executive officer of General Convention, has announced that data from the 2016 Parochial Reports of the Episcopal Church is now available here.

At the same time, he has released analysis of the data, available in a variety of ways here.

Canon Barlowe noted, “The 2016 data reflects a continuation of recent trends, although rates of decline in such key figures as Average Sunday Attendance have decreased.” He also observed, “Overall, congregational income through pledges and other offerings has remained constant,” even as overall number of congregants has decreased.

The Parochial Report is the oldest, continuous gathering of data by the Episcopal Church.  By tradition and canon, the reporting requirements are developed by the House of Deputies’ Committee on the State of the Church, using a form approved by the church’s Executive Council. Seen as an annual rite of passage throughout the Episcopal Church, and overseen by the Executive Officer of General Convention, the Parochial Report touches every congregation of the church.  Together with other data, including that of the Recorder of Ordinations and the Registrar of General Convention, the Parochial Report provides an insight to the state of the church.

At its June 2017 meeting, Episcopal Church Executive Council approved some minor changes in the Parochial Report for 2017, which Barlowe said will be sent to congregations in December.

The newly posted documents include:

  • Baptized Members by Province and Diocese 2006-2016
  • Average Sunday Attendance by Province and Diocese 2006-2016
  • Statistical Totals for The Episcopal Church by Province 2015-2016
  • Statistical Totals for The Episcopal Church by Province and Diocese 2015-2016
  • Domestic Plate and Pledge Income 2011-2016
  • Average Pledge by Province and Diocese 2011-2016
  • Financial and ASA Totals by Diocese 2016
  • Episcopal Domestic Fast Facts 2016 and Episcopal Domestic Fast Facts Trends 2012-2016

Reports and additional information are located on the General Convention Research and Statistics page here and here.

Los informes en español se pueden encontrar haciendo clic aquí.

For more information contact the General Convention office at



  1. Kevin Miller says:

    Now what do we do with this information? I wanna see the church thrive!

    • mike geibel says:

      Mixing politics with religion and then adding in the actuarial tables, is a lethal mix for the Episcopal Church. Attendance declines every year as old members die off and new members never materialize.

      People hungry for guidance on how they should live their lives will not give up even an hour on Sunday to listen to a hidden political agenda. Joining the culture wars has only divided congregations and resulted in empty pews. The Good News is not a political slogan.

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