Photography Workshop held for seven Latino congregations in DC

[Ministerio Latino Episcopal Diocesis of Washington] On Saturday, July 22, Latino Ministries of the Diocese of Washington hosted a Photography Workshop for our members who are active in social media for their congregations. There were 23 participants representing all of our seven congregations. The workshop was led by Angelica Garcia-Randle, Diocesan Missioner for Latino Ministries on the Eastern Shore of VA. The participants practiced taking photos in the Lady Chapel of Church House and then moved to the Washington National Cathedral. In addition to improving our photographic eye we practiced using Instagram which was a new program for most participants. We also explored publication tools such as Canva and Picmonkey which can make our digital ministries more interesting.


Con la finalidad de capacitar a los laicos y sacerdotes que toman fotografías, en nuestras congregaciones latinas, el Ministerio Latino de la Diócesis de Washington organizo un Taller de Fotografía para redes Sociales. los participantes hicieron prácticas en la Capilla de las Mujeres, en la Casa Diocesana, en los exteriores de la Catedral y dentro de la Catedral. Aprendieron a usar Instagram y filtros fotográficos. Así mismo recursos gratuitos de internet como Canvas y Pic Monkey. El Taller fue dictado el 22 de Julio del 2017 por Angelica Garcia-Randle​ Misionera Latina de la Diocesis del Sur de Virginia.

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