Church Pension Group rings New York Stock Exchange opening bell

[Church Pension Group press release] The Church Pension Group (CPG), a financial services organization that serves the Episcopal Church, today rang The Opening Bell® at the New York Stock Exchange in recognition of CPG’s centennial anniversary. Mary Kate Wold, CEO and president of CPG, was joined by members of the Church Pension Fund Board of Trustees, the company’s executive leadership team, and employees for the special occasion.  

“It is an honor to ring The Opening Bell® in recognition of the Church Pension Group’s 100 years of service to the Episcopal Church,” said Wold. “More than a century ago we opened our first office at 14 Wall Street, just across the street from the New York Stock Exchange. What started as a $5 million pension fund created by Bishop William Lawrence has grown to more than $12 billion and expanded to include a full range of benefits and other products for clergy and lay employees of the Church. As we look toward our next century, we remain passionate about our purpose and committed to responding to the evolving needs of the Episcopal Church and those who serve it.”

A replay of The Opening Bell® can be viewed on the New York Stock Exchange website at


  1. Pjcabbiness says:


  2. Rev. Alison Martin says:

    While CPG celebrates this Episcopal Priest continues to wait for her pension to be in place. I retired July and was told everything would be in place. It is now July 17 and I still have no answers. What’s up CPG?

  3. Vicki Gray says:


  4. How fortunate those who serve our Lord through the Episcopal Church are to have the CPF — one of the best managed pension funds in the US — second to few in the corporate world; likely second to none in the ecclesiastical and non-profit world! We are grateful for TEC’s consistent, outstanding leadership and association with the CPF!

  5. Tina Mitchell says:

    Are the big shots at CPG aware of what an uproar this bell ringing has caused on social media accounts of the clergy? Though most people have to work for a living and don’t have the leisure time to pore over small news tidbits like this, the Episcopal clergy are clearly untaxed by strenuous labor and spend a good part of each day shooting the breeze on their Facebook accounts. And woohoo are they in a swivet over this!

    It doesn’t matter to these self righteous superior beings that their retirement comfort depends upon investments, and the CPG has been outstanding in the pension field for its entire 100 year existence. They prefer to condemn this bell ringing en masse, making equating the New York Stock Exchange with money changers in the temple. Perhaps one needs to be an outsider to note the simple mindedness and hypocrisy. Even Sunday School students have a more elevated understanding. These saintly Jesus folk condescend to those who traffic in filthy lucre yet are perfectly happy to accept their ample pensions, as well as church pledges from workers in the supposedly sinful financial industry. They offer nasty remarks and snide scorn to the Church Pension Group for taking pride in their professional achievements. How embarrassing.

    • I literally have only seen one clergy rant on the subject. I am trying to figure out what the issue is. If it is what I think it is (our addiction to snark, ranting, and complaining), I don’t have time for it.

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