Podcast: Episcopal youth prepare to take ‘Path to Peace’ message home

EYE17 day 3 coverage

Episcopal youth gathered for the July 13 plenary session. Photo: Lynette Wilson/Episcopal News Service

[Episcopal News Service – Edmond, Oklahoma] On the eve of their departure from Oklahoma, 1,300 youth from across the Episcopal Church began strategizing about how they will take the “Path to Peace” message home.

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  1. Pjcabbiness says:

    Peace? Definition in this context? Neville Chamberlain was a “peacemaker” and his efforts led to the Munich Agreement which in turn led to a world war. Our youth do not need any more self serving leftist, Marxist indoctrination.

    • John Colon says:

      I am not a so-called “leftist Marxist.” I am a Christian and I strive to be a peacemaker for I believe our Creator calls us to love and love is most creatively and powerfully demonstrated and made real in the way of peace.

    • Lynda Deal Williams says:

      This beautiful event was not a Marxist, liberal indoctrination. So many people have lost or ignored the words of Christ. I feel so sad for them. I followed EYE17 and was overjoyed to know our Christian spirit will be carried on. Peace and blessings be.

  2. This is not Marxist indoctrination, but biblical teaching at it’s best! Great podcast summary of continuing the Path to Peace as everyone journeys home…thank you!

  3. Bishop Tutu’s teachings on Truth and Reconciliation and his Book of Joy with the Dalai Lama, two spiritual leader’s friendship and deep respect for one another’s religions brings a lasting peace.

  4. Are there text copies of these news reports. I find podcasts difficult.

  5. Stephen Shafer says:

    Full of hope, love and determination. Do we have to wait four years for the next one?

  6. Rev. Stephen Holton says:

    Great. We only get to peace if people know how to lead the way – and avoid the easy answers that those on the Right or Left espouse; but actually go out there and do it themselves in a difficult world.

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