Anglican primates of Oceania speak out on climate change

[Anglican Communion News Service] The Anglican primates of Oceania, who have been meeting in Australia, have warned of the threat to their region from climate change. In a joint statement, the five primates said: “We agreed that as whole nations of ocean people lose their island homes, climate justice advocacy and action must become the most urgent priority for Oceanic Anglicans.”

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  1. Mike McLane says:

    Climate change can be/may be devastating to many island communities. It would be wise to use our resources to mitigate the effects. Expending time and resources in the BELIEF that man can alter the rate, or direction, of climate change is probably NOT the most intelligent use of our resources. I know of no experiments (using the scientific method) which demonstrates that man can alter these changes that have gone on for millennia. Let mankind take actions and reduce our carbon dioxide production by some figure (like 5%) and measure the effect on observed climate change. The fact that man-made carbon dioxide emissions have gone UP over the last100 years, and global warming has gone UP during that period does not prove anything. Correlation does not prove causality.

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