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Glitter Ash Wednesday takes ritual, adds glitter, mixes in meaning, sparks debate

[Episcopal News Service] Ashes on the forehead are arguably the most conspicuous mark of a Christian during the year. Signifying mortality and repentance, they are a visible sign to the world on Ash Wednesday that a believer is preparing for the season of Lent. It is the conspicuousness of the ashes that the Rev. Elizabeth […]

Episcopal agencies weigh renewed aid efforts in South Sudan after famine declared

[Episcopal News Service] The relief agencies of the Episcopal Church and its Anglican partners are considering a possible expansion of their support of relief efforts in South Sudan after the United Nation’s recent famine declaration, which has drawn increased international attention to the growing crisis in the country. The famine declaration on Feb. 20 was […]

Diocese of Maryland’s Trail of Souls uncovers hidden history of churches’ ties to slavery

[Episcopal News Service] Slavery is a thread stitched indelibly throughout the early history of the Episcopal Church in Maryland, where congregations to varying degrees enabled, benefited from or fought against the enslavement of Africans until slavery was outlawed by the state in 1864. In the capital, Annapolis, St. Margaret’s owned a plantation in the mid-18th century […]

Priest in America’s ‘murder capital’ brings public-health approach to gun violence prevention

Episcopal diocese aims to mobilize parishes as St. Louis’ homicide rate spikes

[Episcopal News Service] St. Louis has been called America’s “murder capital” after a recent spike in gun violence that resulted in more killings per capita than any other major U.S. city. Chicago recorded the most total homicides in 2016 at 762, but for a smaller city like St. Louis, its 188 killings last year are part of […]

National Cathedral continues to debate the Lee, Jackson windows

[Episcopal News Service] When sunlight shines through the Washington National Cathedral’s stained glass windows, colors disperse. Hues take flight from the visual stories that normally confine them to a framed, defined space. Illuminated, the freed colors alight on cathedral walls as patches of blue, shades of pink and splotches of purple, transformed from visual narratives […]

Standing Rock camps face another deadline due to melting snow, changing tactics

Local Episcopalians join tribe's call for march on Washington, D.C. next month

[Episcopal News Service] Standing alongside the road in Solen, North Dakota, Feb. 17 and looking out over the Cannonball River, the Rev. John Floberg declared the weather too hot. “It’s 43 degrees,” he said during a telephone interview, as a car sped by at midmorning. The day before the temperature was above 50. Weather like […]

Ghana reconciliation pilgrimage a ‘homecoming,’ presiding bishop says

Pilgrims repent the Church’s and America’s complicity in the trans-Atlantic slave trade

[Episcopal News Service – Accra, Ghana] Most Episcopalians and Americans know the United States’ history of slavery, and how Union and Confederate soldiers fought a bloody civil war opposing and defending it. But lesser known is the horrific story that preceded slaves’ journey to the New World; a journey that carried them from Africa to […]

Ghana pilgrims study development as reconciliation

[Episcopal News Service – Accra, Ghana] It’s not uncommon to see women using donkeys to plow fields during the growing season in Ghana’s Upper East Region. Donkeys, it turns out, are easier to manage than bullocks, and when hitched to a plow, women can manage them on their own. “As in any part of the […]

Immigrants’ fears fuel outreach at Maryland church targeted by post-election racist graffiti

[Episcopal News Service] The four hate-filled words were gone almost as quickly as they were discovered, scrawled across a sign and a wall at Church of Our Saviour in Silver Spring, Maryland, on the first Sunday after November’s presidential election. The Rev. Robert Harvey said the church waited long enough that day for authorities to take […]

Carl Wright takes up ‘living paradox’ of an episcopate

Bishop Suffragan for the armed forces, federal ministries shoulders role as ‘soldier of the cross’

[Episcopal News Service — Washington, D.C.] Carl Wright, a rector and former Air Force chaplain, became the Episcopal Church’s bishop suffragan for the armed forces and federal ministries Feb. 11 during a service filled with bishops, clergy, lay people and military officers. The Rev. Harold Lewis, rector emeritus of Calvary Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Wright’s […]