1. Deborah J. Ripley says:

    It was wonderful to read this article and your plans to get active in policy change for Maine’s people. I have done this before on others behalf. It is one of the most important things we can do to help others. Because I had been affected by the policy in place, I did not want others to suffer like I had. I did make a difference with my bringing the issue to my local legislator. She went with me to Augusta and I read a letter I had written. It was extremely powerful for me. I hope you take witnesses to share their own experiences of being poor, hungry or opreseed etc. They need to be there with you in with their own voices. This adds passion that you cannot get across to the legislation with just a speech. The legislators need to go see the poverty and hunger. They won’t and don’t. Bring it to them with people, pictures and other types of visuals. I hope I have helped with my little expounding! As you can tell, I am still charged from my visit to Augusta and that was 20 years ago!!!

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