California appeals court rules in San Joaquin property case

[Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin] On April 5 the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin and
the Episcopal Church received a decision from the California Fifth District Court of Appeal affirming the judgment issued by the Fresno Superior Court directing that approximately 28 properties and various diocesan funds shall be returned to the diocese of San Joaquin. The properties include parish properties, the Diocesan camp and conference center in Oakhurst, the cathedral in Fresno.

The Court of Appeal’s decision does not become final for another 30 days during
which the defendants may seek a re-hearing. After this thirty-day period, the defendants
may choose to petition the Supreme Court of California for review. The diocesan
leadership will review the decision with the Chancellor, Michael Glass, and continue to
plan and address any developments accordingly.

Upon receiving news of the decision, Bishop David Rice stated “I am urging the diocese
to remain in a position of prayer for everyone involved as we continue to hear what the
spirit is saying to the church.”


  1. Anne Bay says:

    I read the Court’s Decision and I think it is the finest explanation of how and why the Episcopal Church works and the reason for the Court’s decision. I encourage anyone to read it. I am very relieved and glad to see the properties and the camp, etc. returned to the Diocese of San Joaquin. As a lifelong Episcopalian I totally agree with the Court. I am sure other lifelong Episcopalians in the Diocese of San Joaquin are very glad too for this decision. It’s too bad the withdrawal took place in the first place. If one doesn’t agree with General Convention and the stand that the Episcopal Church takes on current issues, it seem to me there are many other churches one can join-or start your own! As the Prime Minister of Canada said when he was asked why his cabinet was so diverse, he said simply, “it’s 2016!” Yes, it is, and change is inevitable and we know a lot more now about health education and science and new discoveries coming all the time. It’s a blessing that the Episcopal Church in the U.S. has been open to change. Even the C. of C. is making big changes too with regard to women clergy, etc. Without change and being up to date in modern education, the church is not going to be a center of welcome to all.

  2. Dianne Aid says:

    Prayers for The Episcopal Church in San Joaquin. Continue on in your work and witness.

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