EPPN: Time to permanently protect the Arctic

[Episcopal Public Policy Network policy alert] One year ago today, the Obama Administration took a critical step toward permanent protection for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain by releasing a long-anticipated report. This report, called the Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP), not only provided useful guidance for conserving the natural habitat of the Arctic but also recommended an official Wilderness designation for coastal plain.

While this report alone cannot protect the coastal plain, Congress can heed its recommendation and pass legislation that would achieve permanent protection for this region of the Arctic. Fortunately, some members of Congress agree with the CCP. In 2015, Representative Jared Huffman and Senator Michael Bennet introduced legislation (HR 239 and S. 2341) that would permanently protect the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge through an official Wilderness designation.

Stirred by our commitment to safeguarding God’s creation and by our solidarity with the Gwich’in (a native Alaskan people who are largely Episcopalian), The Episcopal Church has long advocated for the coastal plain’s permanent protection. Please raise your voice in support of this critical legislation today!

Ask your member of Congress to support permanent Wilderness designation for the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!


  1. The animals, land and water and tribe has always been top priority and upmost respected regarding it was given to us from God (Great Creator) and the Gwich’in Indian people are the true defenders, protectors, and keepers and survived for 40,000 years.

    It’s time the US government understands the dangers of pollutions and the climate changes and start listening to the Native Americans, who for the record has the best methods to heal the earth in modern times.

    As a young child of (9) children we lived near the Porcupine caribou routes in the brooks range mountains with our nomadic late father Noah Peter- honorable retired military veteran who is also well known for his extraordinary hunting skills and legendary fiddle player. Today Alaska has the highest of military veterans per capita in the nation and also as honorable retired military veteran the porcupine caribou herd is food on the table for many of our veterans and for the Gwich’in people. As a veteran we all served our country, so we all can enjoy and preserve our freedom as federally recognized tribes and I urge the US congress to designate the Arctic Refuge to official Wilderness designation.

    Thank you and mahsi choh

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