House of Bishops Theology Committee offers daily Lenten meditations

[Forward Movement press release] This Lent, the theology committee of the House of Bishops invites the Church to explore ways to recover and renew economic imagination with a new resource, Repairing the Breach: Discipleship and Mission in a Global Economy.

Produced in partnership with Forward Movement, Repairing the Breach provides daily meditations and videos during the season of Lent. The meditations move through a pattern of reading, watching, reflecting, and praying, and each week of Lent is devoted to a particular aspect of economic life.

“The project’s digital format is a welcome new direction for our work as the theological arm of the House of Bishops. We have sought to model a process of theological reflection that is open, interactive, and accessible to everyone,” said the Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, bishop of the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

The reflections examine the causes of economic injustice and our role, both personally and corporately, in unsustainable patterns of consumption and self-interest. The project also highlights specific practices where the Spirit of God is moving in local congregations and communities to bring new life.

“This resource provides an opportunity to engage in an important topic during Lent— especially in a pivotal election year,” said Richelle Thompson, deputy director and managing editor of Forward Movement. “Most of us have been impacted by the economic crisis, whether we lost homes and jobs or know someone who did. This is a chance for us to reflect on concrete changes that we can make in our lives to avoid another meltdown.”

Visit to learn more and watch for the first meditation on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 10. A print-friendly downloadable PDF of the reflections is also available for download here.

Forward Movement is a ministry of The Episcopal Church located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since 1935 we have produced resources to inspire disciples and empower evangelists around the globe.


  1. Susan Liang says:

    The Episcopal Church has a lot of land & buildings unused. It should consider leasing some of it to private developers for low-cost home ownership. It is God’s land afterall.
    It’s shameful to imitate Nero & fiddle while lives are lost or crushed for lack of hope.

    Why sing hymns to God in church? True worship is helping the needy, but not a teaspoon at a time.

  2. Susan Liang says:

    Perhaps discussing & considering the Earth Charter for possible endorsement by ever-widening circles of interest groups & citizen discussion groups can focus the Honolulu community (Oahu) on necessary priorities & actions to achieve its goals, since the Earth itself & many of its inhabitants are under terminal stresses that are all but unmanageable without mediation in its original meaning & grace thrown in as seasoning.

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