EPF affirms Obama’s action to tighten gun control

[Episcopal Peace Fellowship] The Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) heartily affirms President Barack Obama’s executive action to expand background checks for purchasers of weapons throughout our country.

“President Obama’s heartfelt call to close important background check loopholes that have allowed dangerous persons to purchase weapons at gun shows and online without being checked out is very welcome. We agree with him that gun reform is the last great civil rights challenge of his generation,” said the Rev. Allison Sandlin Liles, EPF executive director.

“We also affirm the president’s call on Congress to authorize extra spending on mental health and enforcement agents as well as new research into technology that can prevent unauthorized use of weapons by children and thieves. EPF agrees that a background check is comparable to going through metal detectors before boarding an airplane,” Liles said.

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship has championed peace, nonviolence and social justice issues since its founding on Armistice Day in 1939.


  1. German clerics also praised Hitler in the beginning.

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