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Out of Deep Waters: Bishop says New Orleans ministry keeps evolving

[Episcopal News Service – New Orleans, Louisiana] It was clear to Diocese of Louisiana Bishop Morris Thompson Jr. when he began his episcopate in 2010, five years after Hurricane Katrina, that the storm had “deeply wounded” the people of the diocese. “I could be in a meeting and say ‘Tell me your experience’ and it […]

Remembering Jonathan Daniels: Complete coverage

Out of Deep Waters: Retired bishops say brokenness wrought by Katrina brought grace

[Episcopal News Service – New Orleans, Louisiana] In the days after Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath devastated the dioceses they led, now retired-Mississippi Bishop Duncan Gray III and his Louisiana counterpart at that time, now retired-Bishop Charles Jenkins discuss the days immediately after the storm and reflect on its lessons 10 years later. “A church […]

Video: Jonathan Daniels’ companions in Alabama recall his life, death

[Episcopal News Service – Keene, New Hampshire] Five people who worked alongside Jonathan Daniels in the struggle for civil rights in Alabama in 1965 gathered at his home parish, St. James Episcopal Church, on Aug. 22 to reminisce about the seminarian who died when he was 26 years old. Daniels died Aug. 20, 1965, in […]

Out of Deep Waters: Priests reflect on Mississippi parish’s Katrina experience

[Episcopal News Service – Gulfport, Mississippi] Ten years after Hurricane Katrina wiped the building that housed St. Mark’s Episcopal Church from its seaside location, the parish’s retired rector and its current priest-in-charge reflect on the storm and its aftermath for the 169-year-old congregation. The Rev. James “Bo” Roberts, who was St. Mark’s rector for 44 […]

Video: Friends who grew up with Jonathan Daniels reflect on his life

‘Jon lives in us every day,’ says one

[Episcopal News Service – Keene, New Hampshire] As part of a weekend commemoration of Jonathan Daniels’ martyrdom on Aug. 20, 1965, a group of his early friends gathered at his home parish, St. James Episcopal Church, on Aug. 22 to reminisce during a public panel discussion about the seminarian and civil rights worker who was […]

Out of Deep Waters: Gulf Coast, Episcopal Church remembers Katrina

Tragic loss, enormous betrayal and new partnerships follow in storm’s wake

[Episcopal News Service – Gulf Coast] It was Sunday; just six days after Hurricane Katrina had ripped a swath of death and destruction across the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. It was time for church. No matter that Katrina had wiped the building known as St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Gulfport from its Gulf-side […]

Ruby Sales preaches in Jonathan Daniels’ home parish

‘What would he make of the world today,’ Sales asks, while issuing call to action

[Episcopal News Service – Keene, New Hampshire] Fifty years and three days after Jonathan Daniels died in Hayneville, Alabama, by stepping in front of a shotgun aimed at her, Ruby Sales, a human rights activist, said her heart was heavy as she preached in his home parish, St. James Episcopal Church. But she also said […]

Jonathan Daniels pilgrimage remembers the past, looks to future

‘Pass the torch to a new generation’ to continue the equal rights movement

Editor’s note: This story was updated Aug. 19. [Episcopal News Service] Nearly 50 years after Jonathan Daniels was killed by a special deputy from Lowndes County, Alabama, the pilgrims who came to Hayneville Aug. 15 to remember the seminarian’s martyrdom walked through the streets led by a county sheriff’s squad car. Some 1,500 people from […]

Remembering Jonathan Daniels 50 years after his martyrdom

Young seminarian gave his life in Alabama to save fellow civil rights worker

[Episcopal News Service] In Fort Deposit, Alabama, the day of Aug. 14, 1965, began hot and humid, and it only got more oppressive as it went on. It was the beginning of the last six days of Jonathan Daniels’ life, most of which would be spent in a squalid county jail and which would end […]