Joint Nominating Committee for the Presiding Bishop issues survey

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] The Episcopal Church Joint Nominating Committee for the Presiding Bishop (JNCPB) has issued a survey and is inviting responses from all Episcopalians.

“In the summer of 2015, the Church will again assume the responsibility for electing the next Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church,” explained Sally Johnson, co-chair of the Committee. “To assist us in that work, the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop has issued a survey seeking data that will be helpful in our process of developing the profile of the type of leader the Church is seeking.”

Recently, at the request of the Committee, the Secretary of General Convention, the Canon Rev. Michael Barlowe, sent an email to all bishops, deputies, alternate deputies and members of Executive Council informing them of the upcoming survey.  That message contained a very brief description of the duties of the Presiding Bishop which may be helpful to anyone who wishes to complete the survey.

The electronic survey on Survey Monkey consists of six substantive questions in areas such as most important personal characteristics of the next Presiding Bishop (life deeply formed by scripture and prayer; skillful manager of people and resources; understand and speak multiple languages), activities (engage in fund raising; head the restructuring of the Church; strengthen our relationships in the Anglican Communion) and areas of focus (articulating a compelling vision for the Church; work to heal divisions in the Church; demonstrate a commitment to interfaith and ecumenical cooperation). Six demographic questions request information on age, race, gender, role in the Church, and years as an Episcopalian.

“The survey is designed to help us all discern some of the characteristics we hope to see in the person we will elect,” noted Johnson.  “We want to hear from Episcopalians throughout the church as this will help guide us in our endeavors.”

The survey is located here.  In Spanish here.

Deadline for completing the survey is September 20.

The Committee will release the profile for the next Presiding Bishop in December.  It expects to open the nomination process on March 1, 2014.

For more information contact JNCPB at

The JNCB members are listed here
On Twitter at:  PB27Nominations or #JNCPB
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  1. Joan C. Browning says:

    Can we re-elect the present Presiding Bishop? She’s darned near ideal.

  2. I agree 200% with Joan C. Browning

  3. Don McCleary says:

    Agreed. PB Katherine has been a superb representative for The Episcopal Church.
    I wish she could and would continue!

  4. Seamus P Doyle says:

    I would strongly support keeping the current PB; She has been an outstanding Pastor and leader for the Episcopal church.

  5. Ronald Byrd says:

    We are just learning about the survey. I understand that the survey is only available for responses through September 20. I am disappointed that the time to respond to the survey is limited to 10 days. What the hurry? We have until 2015 to find a new Presiding Bishop. I would strongly encourage, if you truly desire input for the community, that the time for people to respond and take the survey be extended, giving folks a reasonable time to response.

    Additionally, I receive all sorts of mail from the church (Local and national), please help me understand why a letter was not sent to every parish regarding this very important issue of electing a new presiding Bishop.

  6. Linda Cross says:

    I also missed the survey, but some of the characteristics that should be identified are: friendliness, knowledgeable, accountable, supportive, capable of finding new ways to increase attendance every Sunday. Thanks

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