Historical Society of the Episcopal Church meets in San Antonio

[Historical Society of the Episcopal Church press release] The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church Holds Annual Meeting in San Antonio

The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church (HSEC) held its annual meeting 10-11 June 2013 in San Antonio, Texas.

On Monday night the Society’s members re-elected the Rev. Dr. Robert W. Prichard (President), the Rev. Dr. Marilyn McCord Adams (Vice President), Dr. J. Michael Utzinger (Secretary); and Mr. George DeFilippi (Treasurer), as well as electing three members to its Board of Directors for their first terms: Dr. David Contosta, Professor of History at Chestnut Hill College (Philadelphia, PA); Ms. Nancy Hurn, archivist of the General Synod Archives of the Anglican Church of Canada; and the Very Rev. Dr. Sylvia A. Sweeney, the Dean and President of Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological School at Claremont (CA).

The Rev. Will Wauters delivered the keynote address to the Society. A graduate of Stanford University and Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Wauters has served churches in East Los Angeles, San Francisco, Jersey City and Trenton in New Jersey and currently serves at Santa Fe Episcopal Church in San Antonio. For seven years he was Chaplain and taught Religion and Ethics at the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. In San Antonio The Rev. Wauters also teaches at Haven for Hope, a transformational center for the homeless, and is a Chaplain with the Bexar County Detention Ministries. His address, entitled “The Borderland Cultures Encounter the Church and a Church Gave Birth to a New Chicano Culture,” described how the Church of the Epiphany in East Los Angeles, the oldest standing Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, opened its doors in a new way to the revolutionary times of the 1960’s in the barrio and how both the Church and Los Angeles culture and history were transformed by one another.

Each year the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church also recognizes and supports scholarship that furthers historical understanding of the Anglican Communion.  The Nelson R. Burr Prize  recognizes the article published in the Society’s quarterly journal, Anglican and Episcopal History, that best exemplifies excellence and innovative scholarship in the field of Anglican and Episcopal history.  This year Dr. Edward Bond, chair of the Publications Committee and editor of the Society’s journal announced  John Wall and Zola Packman as winners of the Burr Prize for their article entitled “Worship at Trinity Chapel,” which appeared in the June 2012 issue of the society’s journal.  The selection committee commented  that Wall and Packman’s work proved “a beautifully researched and written portrayal of the importance of prayer book worship in the 17th century.”

The HSEC’s Grants and Research Committee, chaired by the Rev. Dr. Craig Townsend, announced that the Society would support four individuals for the next year.  Katherine Sawyer Robinson will receive a research grant for her dissertation, entitled “Networks of Nonconformity: A Prosopographical Examination of Early English Presbyterianism;” David Ney will receive a research grant for his dissertation entitled “Divine Oracles and Modern Science: Newtonianism, Hutchinsonianism, and the Old Testament. Filmmaker Margo Guernsey will receive a grant to support continuing research of her latest project, a documentary on the life of Pauli Murray, lawyer, civil and women’s rights activist, and Episcopal priest. And Daniel Loss will receive a grant to further his research on the controversy regarding liturgical reform in the 1960s and beyond to explore the public and cultural role of the Church of England, even among avowed non-believers.

Further information about the Society, as well as its publications and grants can be found on the Society’s website: http://www.hsec.us

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